Big messages that improved our faith | Bible study with us – Matthew

by purelytwins

Do you want to strengthen your faith?

Well we pray our video does that for you because the messages we share really changed our faith.

Our prayer life is better. We have a. deeper understanding of what Jesus did for us all.

Life changing.

Powerful messages from the gospel according to Matthew, chapters 1-15 –

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We know some who hear this message will get it and strengthen their faith.

As others won’t and disregard all that we share.

We pray for you all.

We pray for more to see the true Jesus and see the love God has for us all.

Jesus didn’t come to solve our problems but came for the deeper core issues of our hearts

What we discuss:

  • God has a purpose for you
  • God uses the least likely people
  • Where to find fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Why Jesus came
  • God cares about you
  • a wrong view of God
  • relationships over religion
  • Jesus came for the deep heart issues
  • Attitudes, character and actions
  • A tactic of the enemy

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We hope this has encouraged you on your walk with Christ and inspired you to open your Bible.

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