Is manifesting really that bad for Christians to practice? {Scary truths about new age practices}

by purelytwins

After we posted our video last week – Do we still manifest…

Lori shared with me a post from a girl we follow on Instagram who shared something about witchcraft.

We read through the comments and felt we needed to do chat more about manifesting and law of attraction.

We feel we went through and had issues with believing it was wrong too. A lot of the comments were the same thoughts too and trying to justify it as okay to do.

Many won’t like what we say here as this is a controversial topic.

Is manifesting, the law of attraction, meditation, witchcraft really that bad? What does the Bible say?

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We hope this video/podcast serves you.

Please do your own research on these practices. There are a lot of other great people discussing these topics more in-depth than us.

We are simply sharing what things helped us see it was wrong.

We highly encourage you to open up the Bible and discover the truth for yourself.

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We know this topic is controversial and understand many won’t like we have to say…

we understand as we too didn’t see the truth when we were practicing these practices found in law of attraction.

No one likes being called out they are sinning and they are doing something wrong.

But we care about you and if these topics are in the Bible, God cares too.

It is up to you though if you want to continue to practice law of attraction, manifesting, new age-like practices.

Is manifesting, the law of attraction, meditation, witchcraft really that bad? What does the Bible say? Discussing more of what we learned about these new age practices - is it a sin? Should Christians be practicing them? Join us for our faith chat on this controversial topic.

The enemy does have some power here and we say why risk it?

We believe you cannot practice these things and still worship God. It is a sin and you need to repent and ask God to help you.

Yes Jesus conquered evil, which is why we feel we should not be practicing these things as they are not of God and meant something to Him. It is in the Bible that idolatry and witchcraft are against God.

What we discuss:

  • manifesting and law of attraction
  • Jesus believed in demons
  • evil is real
  • Satan has some power
  • idolizing
  • witchcraft
  • being blinded from the truth
  • why is manifesting bad
  • repentance
  • Satan tempts Jesus
  • wrath of God

Bible verses we talked about in the video:

  • Matthew 7:13-15
  • Galatians 5 & 6
  • Ephesians 5 & 6

Articles and podcast  mentioned in this episode:

Other things to check out that we did not mention in the video:

Brittany Dawn’s IG post on witchcraft

Thirty minutes with the Perry’s podcast – episode Out of Context Texts

Please do not hold us a pedestal or anyone.

We all are humans and flawed. We will make mistakes, but this is why we do our best to help one another and pray for others.

We are sharing this to help others seek the truth.

We hope hearing our stories gives you encouragement and inspiration to start reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and deeply care about you.


our testimony back to Jesus from law of attraction,

What we learned about the law of attraction & being Christians (what you need to know)

4 words that really HIT us hard – this changed everything

Why we are reading the Bible 

Heart to Heart why we didn’t read the Bible for years

This doesn’t mean God is happy with you 

How life is leaving LOA and following Jesus

Do we still practice manifesting?

Test and temptations – Matthew chapter 4 

A verse taken out of context – does this really mean I get what I ask for ?

We appreciate your support.

Please share this with someone you think you benefit from hearing about reading the Bible.



L and M

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Van December 31, 2020 - 2:26 am

Many christians don’t realize just how real demonic forces are and the role they play in this world. Witchcraft is one of the tools connected with demonic forces only to deceive and destroy the souls that use it . Before I accepted Christ I walked in deep hatred starting in early childhood. Due to that I personally messed with the forces of evil. Witchcraft and deep hatred is a terrible combination , but the only person I was really destroying in the long run was myself. Praise God for his grace and giving me the chance to receive eternal life. I support you ladies. You’re a true weapon for the kingdom of heaven

purelytwins January 25, 2021 - 9:26 pm

Thank you Van. Yes it is scary how so many people don’t realize it. Praise God that more people discover this truth.

Heart May 26, 2021 - 3:13 pm

Thank you for this topic! I am happy I googled and this came up. Perfect. God Bless you ladies!

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