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We are moving on with reading the Bible for the first time and sharing what we learn a long the way to the gospel according to John.

We have seen and heard many people quote scripture from John or talk about John being their favorite.

This will be our first time actually reading it ourselves.

As we started working on gathering all the resources we will use to study it, we were overwhelmed with how many people have written or discussed John.

After spending about a month reading it in as a whole book (we have done it twice) and learning the background on it, we can see why.

It is loaded, deep, rich and meant to be read over and over to see more connections. Although, yes the whole Bible is this way, but there is something unique about John.

We are excited to dive deeper into this book.

I (Michelle) created this as a guide to keep out next to me while I read it.

I did my best to highlight the major themes.

I couldn’t get it all on as there is so much.

Our thoughts on the gospel of John

Here are the resources we are using to study through John’s gospel – verse by verse :

The main online sources:

Pastor Mark Vroegop from College Park Church – a bunch of John sermons 

Dr. Kevin DeYoung from Christ Covenant – John series

Pastor Dan Plourde from Calvary Church – Book of John series

Calvary Chapel Chattanooga – The Book of John series

Bema podcast – season 6 – they are going through the book of John

Robert Breaker – John playlist

Books – commentaries:

John: An introduction and Commentary (Tyndall New Testament Commentaries) by Colin Kruse

Spurgeon’s Verse Exposition Of John: The Expansive Commentary Collection

The Gospel According to St. John by CK Barrett – this one is a bit hard to follow and understand, so won’t look at it much, but already bought it so keeping it

John for Everyone, Part 1 and Part 2 (New Testament for everyone) – by NT Wright

John’s Wisdom: A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel by Ben Witherington

NEW BOOK – History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel (Revised and Expanded) (NTL) (The New Testament Library) by J. Louis Martin

Extra books:

John: The Gospel of Wisdom by Michael Card

And He Dwelt Among us by A.W.Tozer

*This is the first time we have read anything from Tozer and Spurgeon

Extra online sources:

The Word of the Lord endures forever – will listen to a few as we read through if want another view on a part of scripture

Door of Hope – has a few sermons on the first 4 chapters, won’t listen to them all but a few

Is the Gospel of John Really About Eternal Life? | N.T. Wright – one video

The Spoken Gospel has some videos covering John

Here are the resources we used to learn the overall layout of the book, the introduction and themes:

Afterclass podcast – had a few episodes on John

Overview : John 1-12 by Bible Project

Overview: John 13-21 by Bible Project

John 1 – The Word Becomes Human

One Hour. One Book. : John

ASL – the Bible explained – John –

The Gospel of John: Overview

John 1-12 with Tim Mackie

John 13-21 with Tim Mackie

Tim had more videos on John we watched – we highly recommend them:

Gospel of John – Introduction

Gospel of John – Prologue

Gospel of John – part 3

Gospel of John – part 4

Gospel of John – part 5

Please note we are in the process of reading and studying it, so the Bible study workouts will be coming, probably once a month.


Home workouts where you work out to hearing God’s word – the gospel according to John. 

Disclaimer: Please remember this is our first time reading and studying it, so we don’t know everything and we will continue to learn and grow.

We do our best to speak God’s truth.

We are not pastors or anything, just 2 girls that were lost and Jesus saved us sharing our journey of reading the Bible again.

Here to encourage you to read and study God’s word.

The format of our Bible study workouts will be overall the same, there might be slight changes in how we do it for John.

We appreciate your understanding, patience and support.

Remember we offer this for free, so any support from sharing about them, giving the video a like and subscribing all help us all.

Of course watching the videos too.

We pray they bless you.

A little overview of John:

The book’s purpose, according to 20:31, was to help people believe that Jesus is the Christ and so that they might have life in his name. 

John writes in the first chapter some of the themes you will see throughout the book.

 John is writing to both a Jewish audience, who would of known the Old Testament, and to Greeks/Romans who were pagan and had multiple gods and beliefs about the universe. Logos, “the Word,” meant something to the Greeks and their philosophy around the reality of the universe.  And for Hebrew thought it was connected to the revelation of God and the law of God, the Torah.

During the time in which John wrote his gospel it was a prominent perspective that the soul was the only thing that mattered. This view point saw the body as bad, so those who believed this had a really hard time believing Jesus could be truly human. 

There are 7 signs, 7 “I am” statements and 7 witnesses. John feels these are the best ones to make his point.

John focused on more who Jesus was and what you believe, as the other gospels focused more on what Jesus said and did.

John the Baptist was very popular in this area too, so John wrote this to help others have a high view of Jesus and lower view of John the Baptist.

Other things we researched:

  • the Greek/Roman god history and philosophy
  • we watched some videos on Greek creations belief
  • the history of Ephesus (where most scholars believe John wrote this)
  • We looked into all the gods and goddesses like Artemis, Vesta, and a few others

We feel when you look at that culture you can see a lot of what John was doing when his words would have altered their views of gods and the world.

John with both Jew and Gentile in mind. Everything he says about Jesus affects everyone.

Hebrews had more of horizontal mindset of time – past, present, future – that time has purpose and progress

Greeks thought more vertical – heaven and earth.

Which you can see John speak to both of these in his gospel from up and down language and age to come.

John’s gospel helps new believers come to believe who Jesus was as well as it helps believers keep believing in Jesus.

Isaiah and Chiasm resources:

The Influence of Isaiah on the Gospel of John

Jesus Echoes the “I AM” statements of Jehovah in the Gospel of John


Bible literary structure chiasm

Here are some other articles and videos to check out:

Important Themes in John’s Gospel

Jesus the Fulfillment of the Jewish Festivals in John’s Gospel

The Holy Spirit as the Paraclete

The Prologue to John’s Gospel (Jn 1:1-18) – Jesus the Logos

The Greek Jesus Christ: Apollonius of Tyana

The Gospel of John – unlocking the Bible part 1

The Gospel of John – unlocking the Bible part 2

John gospel eternal son reveals the father

Have you studied John before? Let us know in the comments. What resources did you use to study it?

As we study through John we come across other articles, podcasts and things that we wanted to document here.

John 1 additional resources:

Doves in ancient times

John Lennox: The Word Became Flesh

Glory and Temple in John’s Gospel with particular reference to John 1:14

John 2 additional resources:

Did Anyone Ascend Into Heaven?

Why did Jesus say that nobody has ascended into heaven when Elijah ascended?

Jesus Christ and Apollonius of Tyana

The “Other Jesus” Story That Scares Christians: Apollonius of Tyana – video

Was Jesus Copied Off the Greek God Dionysos?

The Mythology of Wine VII: The Wine Miracles of Dionysus and Jesus Compared

What the wedding at Cana tells us about creation

Stone jars and water to wine miracle

When did Jesus cleanse the temple

Did Jesus cleanse the temple twice

Chronology and the Cleansing of the Temple

John 3 additional resources:

Born of the Spirit – I Am Who I Am – Tim Mackie

John Chapter 3

Net Bible John 3 – offers notes with it

How can a person be born again?

John 3:16

Misunderstand Greek present tense

You must be born again

Does the idea of being “born again” have a root earlier than John/Peter (or Jesus)?

Mikvah (Baptism): The Connection Between Immersion, Conversion and Being Born Again

Greek Matters on John 3:16

What About John 3:16?, Part 1/3 – David Pawson

Are We Saved By Our Decision?

Being born again in Hebrew thought

Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3:1-21)

2 more John 3 resources we watched after we filmed :

Ascending and Descending: The Miracle and Mystery of the Serpent on the Pole

The KINGDOM: Born again

John 4 additional resources:

The influence of Isaiah and the gospel of John

Jesus Echoes the “I AM” statements of Jehovah in the Gospel of John

Reading John 2-4 as a Chiasm 

OnScript Podcast – Caryn Reeder – The Samaritan Woman’s Story 

The Samaritan Woman Story: An Alternative View (dr. Eli Lizorkin-eyzenberg And Lisa Loden)

Attitudes to women – The rabbis vs Jesus

Jesus offers living water and marriage

Being good to the Samaritan

Why Does Jesus Use the Phrase “I Am”?

Purpose and Meaning of “Ego Eimi” in the Gospel of John

The miracle of the “I AM” statements of Jesus

5 or 6 husbands or the one true God

The Relationship between Eschatology and Pneumatology in the Fourth Gospel

Genesis, Jesus and John: connecting the dots

Anti Semitism – flawed interpretation of John

The place of women in the greco-roman world

The status of women in greek roman and jewish society

The Cana Miracle

The Samaritan woman meets the bridegroom Messiah

A historical perspective on the Samaritan woman

WHOA that’s good podcast – nov 2 2022 – How you can avoid asking this question – Kathie Lee Gifford 

3 articles on living water:

A historical perspective on the Samaritan woman in John 4

Living Water – From One for Israel

Living water from Beulahnazarene

Living water from our rabbi Jesus

Greek and Latin Origins of Living Water

Jewish Biblical Origins of Living Water

The Living Water

John 5 additional resources:

11 Archaeological Finds for the Gospels (Dr. Titus Kennedy) – around the 29 mark they talk about the pool, Bethesda

Temple Christology in the Gospel of John

38 years in the Bible

Sheep gate

The Pool of Bethesda and another article on the pool

Exegesis John 5:19-30

The Pool of Bethesda as a healing center

John Part 10

Healing cripple by pool

Greek mythology and Jesus Christ

Proving the trinity in the OT

The gospel of John – a Roman legal and Rhetorical Perspective

A Jewish Defense of the Trinity – the case for Messiah

Is Jesus God the father

Trinity: How can one God exist as 3 persons?

Additional resources for John 6:

I am the bread of life

Bread of life John 6 v25 –59

John 6 v1 –15

John 6 commentary – Enduring Word

John 6:44: Unconditional Election & Irresistible Grace? | Dr. Leighton Flowers 

James White on John 6

Christian vs. Protestant on John 6:44

Given to Christ

Robert Hamilton on John Gospel around election

More from Robert Hamilton and Arminians

John 6 part 1

Election and the gospel of John

John 6:25-71 Verse by Verse

John 6:44 De-Calvinized 

The 7 Great I Ams #1: I Am the Bread of Life” by Aaron Couch

How to read John 6 through a Jewish perspective

Jesus feeds the 5000

Isaiah 55:2 + John 6:35, 45

Eat my flesh and drink my blood why Jesus says this

Greek mythology and gospel of Jesus Christ

Dionysus greek god of wine

John 6:44 From a Non-Calvinist Perspective

John 7 and John 8 additional resources:

The 7 Great I Ams #2: I Am the Light of the World” by Marty Solomon 

John 7-24

Withholds his hand from iniquity and executes true justice

John 7-52

John 7:8 – Scripture Twisting 101

Glory and temple

Seeking glory of father

Jesus teaching is from the father

John and glory

Shemini abzehret the last and greatest day of the feast

John 7-8 – tabernacle discourse

John 7 – temple and spirit

The feast of tabernacles

How Jesus Connects to the Feast of Tabernacles | Sukkot

Understanding the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) 

What is Sukkot

Jesus in Sukkot

Prophecies of end times events and the work of our Messiah in the feast of tabernacles

3 literary mountains seeing the chiastic structure in John 7

John 7 temple theme and Spirit

John 7-8 The Tabernacle discourse

The Tabernacle of God is with men – exploring the mysteries of the feast of tabernacles

The 7 feasts of the Lord fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Jesus Among the Gods – Understanding the Deity of Jesus in the Ancient World | Michael Bird

Plato claims that the gods are good

The role of gods in Platos philosophy

John’s gospel and the feasts

Ezekiel 18 true justice

Sukkot a promise of living water

Seeing Jesus in the fall feasts

Why Jesus Wrote on the Ground with His Finger!

Does the WOMAN CAUGHT in ADULTERY belong in the BIBLE? w/ Dr. Maurice Robinson

The woman CAUGHT in adultery is NOT in these OLD manuscripts, but

Jesus wrote with his finger on the ground

Teaching about Biblical Allusions by Ray Vander Laan

What Jesus wrote on the ground explained

Meaning of Jesus writing on sand with his finger

New Testament textual variants

What Did Jesus Write on the Ground with His Finger?

The light of tabernacles

The Messiah would be the great light

The origin of sin: Greece, Rome and early Judaism and Christianity 

Sin throughout philosophy

The concept of sin in antiquity, particularly in Homer

Sin, punishment and forgiveness in Ancient Greek religion 

Sukkot and the everlasting light

Contextual problems with John 7:58-811

Does the woman caught in adultery belong in the bible

Do demons exist according to judaism?

From Daimon to Demon: The evolution of the demon from antiquity 

Evil in the second temple Judaism and early Christianity – I watched only two, one was “the Rise of the Satan in early second temple judaism” and the second one was “Overcoming satan, overcoming the world: exploring the cosmologies of Mark and John”

Demons and demonology

Healing and exorcism in second temple judaism and early christianity 

Satan in the Bible and Second Temple Judaism – Thomas Farrar

Is azalea a goat place demon or deity

Light in a dark world

Biblical theme of light

Darkness and light

Key to the plot of the Bible

Exodus 3:14 and John 8:28

The adulterous woman

Written in the Dust” by Brad Gray 

Sin no more

Set free

A shade replaced by realities – the theme of temple

Has the Bible Been Changed? What Scholars Say about Textual Criticism and the New Testament 

Prevenient grace has many dimensions 

John 8:43 does not teach total inability 

Jesus and Sukkot feast of booths

Satan was fishing for information

Key to the plot of the Bible

All judgment has been given to the son – what does that mean

Isaiah 30 – returning and be saved

High and lifted up the glory of the cross

More things we used to study John 9

Blind and lame

The Disabled in the gospel of John

Healing the blind man after Sukkot

The seven signs in Johns gospel and their significance

I am the light of the world

Salvation Depends on Believing Loyalty NOT Correct Doctrines

used a commentary off the Logos Bible app called Faithlife Study Bible

I Am Not Elijah, Part 6 (John 9:6-15, 2 Kings 5:10-15)

God’s Cosmic Plan to Displace Darkness With Light: (John 9:1-41)

John Chapter 9 and the Old Testament

John 9

John 9:22

John 10 additional resources:

Temple Christology in the gospel of John

Hanukkah & Jesus: The MYSTERY of Light Revealed! | Dreidel | Rabbi Jason Sobel 

Word study – ago to guide or lead

John 9 and 10 – Good shepherd

Jesus the Hanukkah Good Shepherd 

Hanukkah in the New Testament

How sheep get saved Jesus as the door the good shepherd

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