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We are continuing our journey of reading the Bible for the first time and sharing what we are learning along the way.

The best way to see all of our Bible studies for Mark is for FREE off our Move Live Faithfully Youtube channel.

Below are videos we filmed going over the overview of Mark and resources we used to study it.

New name for our Bible studies:

This was the second book of the Bible that we have read, again for the first time reading the Bible as a whole.

A little bit of why we are doing this: We are sharing our journey of reading the Bible for the first time coming out of false teachings (new age things, like manifesting and law of attraction, and prosperity gospel). We are not experts just two girls who love Jesus and have a deep desire to know God’s word and truth.

We share this not for you to believe what we say, but to encourage you to study and read the Bible for yourself.

We recommend you do your own research on Mark, and make sure you share what you find. 
Also, remember this is our first time reading Mark. We don’t claim to know everything and are learning with you. 

Bible study – Mark – Verse-by-Verse

Mark Resources:

Books we used:

Please remember all that we list here is not all the resources on Mark, it was just what we choose to use studying the first time.

Mark: An expositional commentary by R C Sproul

Let’s study Mark by Sinclair Ferguson

Be Diligent – Mark by Warren Wiersbe

Mark for everyone by Tom Wright

We used more books this time than we did for Matthew.

No real reason why besides we wanted to hear what the authors said – specifically NT Wright and RC Sproul.

We do our best to get a different people with different background and thoughts.

We also got a book from – Proverbs 51 – This is our first time getting a printed book from them. For Matthew, we just used the app. To be honest we don’t use them much, their Bible studies are very short and brief.

Pastors who teach verse-by-verse:

Derek Thomas from First Presbyterian Columbia – you have to search by scripture – Mark

Mike Winger – Mark playlists off youtube

Dr. Doug O’Donnel from Westminster Presbyterian church – Mark

Kevin DeYoung from Christ Covenant – Mark series

Jim Samra and Tom Olson from Calvary Church in Grand Rapids – search for Mark sermons

We didn’t realize at the time we picked a few from Presbyterian background, but overall we liked the pastors.


Blue Letter Bible – Still use this one the most. We didn’t use David Guzik or Matthew Henry this time as we got more books instead of online commentaries. We use it a lot to get cross-references and looking up Greek words -greek concordance.  

Logos Bible – used more of the tools on this app, there so much on here. We are still learning how to best use it. We use the free version.

Mark Intro:

We did our Mark Bible studies a bit differently than we did our Matthew.

We did not film side Bible studies, but it is all included in with our workouts.

Just like with Matthew we discovered more resources after filming some videos already.

And we created a PDF of sharing our notes around Mark – not verse-by-verse, but an overview of the book.

Here are some additional resources we added in later:


The IVP Bible Background Commentary – New Testament – by Craig Keener

Mark – Teach the Text Commentary series by Grant Osborne


the Bible recap – Lori would listen to some of their podcasts on Mark


McLean Bible church (search Mark) – they are studying through Mark, at the time they only had the first 3 chapters up, so we listened to those. We have not watched the rest.

Remnant Radio did a Mark series with Dr Craig Keener – we watched a few of them

AND just like with Matthew – the Bema podcast with Marty – we learned so much about the historical and cultural background. Again we discovered this as we are at the last few chapters of studying Mark.

Ray Vander Laan’s Bible Series: That the World May Know ® – we found him through Marty. We watched a few of his videos, so good! And we bought his volume 14.

We also have learned a lot for One for Israel Ministry – they have YouTube videos and podcast

We love finding new resources to help us read and understand the Bible.

This is our first time reading and studying the Bible so please give us grace. We are still learning and growing.

Things to look our for when reading Mark:

  • what are you learning about Jesus here
  • transition words
  • repeating words
  • Jesus power and authority
  • the word immediately 
  • how people react to Jesus
  • Jesus as the suffering servant
  • Jesus alone with the Father to pray
  • the audience and background of cultural then – Roman/Greek influence

Mark overview:

Mark’s audience was Roman believers in Rome.

Majority of scholars believe Mark was the first gospel composed.Although just like with Matthew there is debate on the time frame.

And the ending of Mark has debate. Was some of the ending part of the original or was it added later. 
We feel it could of been added in later, whether it was or not it doesn’t tell anything new. But we haven’t studied around the timing of the Bible much.

Additional Mark Bible study resources:

At a glance Bible books and authors sheets  from Teach Sunday school 

Bible Projects’ Mark video

Overview Bible – Mark

One hour One Book Mark

Mark Gospel – Servant Messiah


Help me teach the Bible podcast – episode 131 Derek Thomas on Mark

ASL | The Bible Explained: Mark

Mark – Bible in 5 with Tim Mackie

Spoken Gospel – Mark

The Ending of Mark – N. T. Wright

How does Mark see Jesus’ death?

What about the ending of Mark’s Gospel?

Can The End Of Mark’s Gospel Be Trusted?

Greek NT: Did Mark write the end of Mark?

The Last 12 Verses of Mark – Chuck MIssler

The Gospel of Mark: Is Mark a Liar Liar Pants on Fire?

Long Ending of Mark: a review of his video

Cold Case Christianity Podcast – Can we trust what Mark says about the resurrection?

Mark 16:9-20

Melissa talks about the longer ending of Mark in this video

The LONG ENDING of Mark is AUTHENTIC Scripture!  – this is a new video I found in November 2023 – so after our study but wanted to share about it

Bible study workouts – Mark

Click here to see all of our Bible study workouts covering Mark

Home workouts where you work out to hearing God’s word – the gospel according to Mark.

Short effective workouts with Bible study to keep you strong and staying closer to Jesus.

Disclaimer: Please remember this is our first time reading and studying it, so we don’t know everything and we will continue to learn and grow.

We do our best to speak God’s truth.

We are not pastors or anything, just 2 girls that were lost and Jesus saved us sharing our journey of reading the Bible again.

Here to encourage you to read and study God’s word.

Always check in with God first when you hear or read things. 

Again we don’t have separate verse-by-verse by Bible study videos for Mark, as we did them before we worked out.

Thanks again for your support and being here on our journey of reading the Bible for the first time.

Here are the Old Testament verses mentioned in our Mark 13 Bible study workout – for you to read and please note we might be missing some

  • Ezekiel 1 – interesting language too
  • Psalm 18 – whole thing good
  • Lamentations 3:44 – cloud
  • Jeremiah 7 – false trust in the temple
  • Deuteronomy 28
  • Haggai 2:6-7 and verse 21
  • Leviticus 16:2 – cloud

Ends of the earth/four corners of the earth/four winds of heaven

  • Jeremiah 16:19
  • Jeremiah 25:31-32
  • Zephaniah 1:2-3 and verse 18
  • Isaiah 5:26
  • Isaiah 11:12
  • Daniel 7:2
  • Daniel 11:4
  • Ezekiel 5:10

All the inhabitants of the earth/Entire earth/Remote regions of the earth/world

  • Jeremiah 25:29-30
  • Isaiah 34:1-2
  • Ezekiel 32:4
  • Isaiah 18:3
  • Isaiah 14:7
  • Jeremiah 31:8
  • Isaiah 13:5
  • Exodus 34:10

Clouds – Sun moons and darkness:

  • Joel 2:1-2 and verses 10-11
  • Joel 2:30-31
  • Joel 3:15-16
  • Zechariah 14:6-7
  • Amos: 5:18-20
  • Amos 8:9
  • Zephaniah 1:15
  • Ezekiel 32:7-8
  • Ezekiel 34:12
  • Ezekiel 30:3
  • Isaiah 13:9-13
  • Isaiah 34:3-4
  • Isaiah 5:30
  • Isaiah 24:23
  • Isaiah 32:7-9

Judgment: clouds 

  • Jeremiah 4:12-13
  • Nahum 1:3-5
  • Isaiah 19:1

Whole earth quakes 

  • Jeremiah 8:16
  • Isaiah 24:19
  • Isaiah 64:1-3

Labor pains/woman in labor

  • Jeremiah 6:24
  • Jeremiah 13:21
  • Jeremiah 30:6
  • Isaiah 13:8
  • Isaiah 66:7

Day like no other/never was before or ever will be again:

  • Jeremiah 30:7
  • Daniel 12:1
  • Exodus 10:14
  • Exodus 11:6
  • Ezekiel 5:9

Like we mentioned in that video, Jesus is God and talks like the God of the Old Testament.

See more end times thoughts here

Please leave a comment below sharing your favorite resource for studying the Bible and/or Mark.

Check out end times resources here

Check out Bible resources here

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES we used for Mark 15:

Bible Project articles + their whole series on the character of God:

Ray Vander Lawn from

Marty from Bema Podcast

The Significance of Golgotha

Afterclass podcast – their series on atonement and wrath of God

Remove this cup from me article –

Let his cup pass – did Jesus change His Mind –

We highly encourage you to study wrath of God and all the atonement theories.

CIRA international Matthew 27:46 – Scripture Twisting 101

One for Israel:


Psalm 22 – The Prophecy about the crucified Messiah

Psalm 22 and the Rabbinical twist to get rid of Jesus being prophesied about so strongly.

Psalm 22 parallels will blow your mind! The Messiah’s suffering and reign prophesied by David –

We watched this one after we filmed this: NEVER BEFORE HEARD Theory about Ps. 22 –

What does it mean that God has a “son”? Isn’t that a pagan concept?

Another source – Judaism and Rome- Mark 15:16024

More resources:

How Can Jesus Be God if He Doesn’t Know the Time of His Return?

Why Didn’t Jesus & the Holy Spirit Know the Hour?

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