Our new morning table time routine

by purelytwins

Hello friends,

Last year I switched our morning table basket to a morning table time.

I loved doing morning basket when I first did it when my girls were going to school.

But that I homeschool I changed our morning flow.

What we do for our morning routine for homeschool | Morning table time

Let me know what you do in the mornings with your kids.

I love finding new resources and would love to hear about your routine.

We are loving our new morning rhythm before our homeschool day begins.

Remember to always do what works best for your family.

Your mornings won’t look like mine or any other homeschool mom.

Sharing this to inspire and encourage you.

Morning binders and calendars: https://thefivegirlschoolhouse.com/

Hymns: https://happyhymnody.wordpress.com/

Write the Word: https://cultivatewhatmatters.com/coll…

Kids Bibles are CSB She Reads truth

For more homeschool things, keep up with me on Instagram – @loriandmichelle

Thanks for being here and being part of my homeschool journey.

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