What Homeschool curriculum I picked & workouts with my girls

by purelytwins

As you saw in the previous post that I am homeschooling my kids this school year.

I am a new to homeschooling and was overwhelmed with all the resources out there.

But grateful God lead me to some great ones and Classical conversations as I mentioned in that video.

Homeschool curriculum 2022-23 | 1 and 2 grade choices | Classical Conversations | New homeschooling mom

Please let me know in the comments below if you are a homeschooling mom or considering it?

If you are, what curriculum do you use?

I wanted a Christian based curriculum and I wanted a community.

I also liked to keep things simple as this is my first time.

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I share bits of our day and them working out with me.

Check out this video here if why I invite my daughters to work out with me

I am not always perfect at being intentional with teaching my girls things but it is a focus of mine lately.

Not only do I want to be intentional with teaching them to have a Biblical worldview (which is challenging for me as I wasn’t really taught it when I was a kid), I also want to have a relationship with my girls.

They won’t be in my home forever.

There are so many things I want to teach them. And being girls I know what the struggle can be when they get older with their bodies.

As I struggled for the majority of my life with poor body image. I don’t want that for my girls.

So that’s why I will keep modeling stewardship of my body through working out and eating well without making my workouts or food an idol.

I do this because I love them and I love God.

I tell my girls I don’t workout to change or fix my body, I workout to take care of it and to worship God. Because working out is a form of worship.

So I like to show them that this is important because when you love God you want to take care of the gifts He’s given to you, like your body.

Moms, it’s never too late to start talking to your daughters, teaching them what it means to steward their bodies, and what it means that God created their bodies as good.

My girls don’t always join me for my workouts but the invitation is always there.

xo Lori

Update, we no longer have an online business, but share our workouts for FREE here.

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