Meet the Twins

by purelytwins

Hi! Welcome beautiful!

We are Lori and Michelle.

We are so excited you are here.

We are twin sisters, besties, entrepreneurs, fitness coaches, and women of God.

Our Story:

Over the last decade, we shared our lives – our struggles, the ups and downs, and we shared any new learnings and insights we’ve discovered that impacted our lives in order to help others.

We started this blog by sharing our fitness and recipes along with our life and skin struggles then moved into self-love mindset then into manifesting tips.

AND now things HAVE shifted for us…

we are now sharing our journey back to God as our eyes have been opened.

Click here to hear about our story and testimony back to Jesus.

We opened up the Bible again.

And it has changed our lives.

We love sharing our faith and talking about Jesus.

We also like fitness as we are personal trainers who create short home workouts for women of faith.

We also like wellness and clean beauty so you will see us talking about that too.

We are all here just doing our best to be better humans and better Christians.

We used to talk about our eating disorders, how we formed a better relationship with food, body image, and so much more, and we still might talk about those issues, but right now that is not on our hearts anymore.

We even both suffered from adult acne and Michelle had eczema and Lori healed her diastasis so those topics might appear from time to time and you will see past content sharing more of that.

And you will also find recipes here as we have created a lot of simple recipes.

Our mission is to help other women of faith lead a fit soul boss lifestyle – where they are confident in themselves and use their God-given gifts, take care of the body God gave them with more love and have the clarity and strength (physically, mentally and spiritually) to stand strong in their faith, be more courageous and crush doubt.

We don’t know where God is taking us. But we have full faith. We trust his plans for us, we are just seeking more alone time with him to truly hear.

So make sure you sign up for our newsletter to hear when we have a new video or podcast episode up.<

Jesus loves you.

We hope to inspire you to pick up your Bible and follow Jesus.

With love and gratitude,

Lori and Michelle

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