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How can we help you?

Along with offering short home workouts and gluten-free, grain-free recipes, we guide you in creating a life and body you love while finding the balanced lifestyle that fits you. A lifestyle that you can sustain for life.

We help passionate, heart-centered ladies find balance with their workouts, food and mindset to manifest their dream body and life. We are about stopping the obsessions and embracing loving yourself.

We’re here to empower you with the tools to get healthy and fit while having fun. We help you feel amazing through self-love, positivity, movement and nourishment so you glow from the inside out.

You’ll have a life filled with love, faith, freedom, balance, confidence and joy. We are here to help you build a strong body and mind and love all parts of your life because happiness starts from within.

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We are here to support you on your journey to better health inside and out. In order to feel and look better we must focus on changing our mindset. Teaching you how to fuel your body with nutritious recipes and move your body with functional workouts is a huge part of what we do, however, happiness and balance are far more complex. To find optimum health we need to address all parts of life, especially self-love. Make taking care of yourself a priority.

This blog is your go-to guide to learn how to do less in order to live more. It is the place to be happy and fit in all parts of life. Learn how to stop obsessing with being perfect so you can start living life with abundance.

We want to share our experiences to get to this place of happiness and balance with a lot of fun along the way. We will be talking about food and fitness as they are part of our lives. However, this blog also encompasses other areas of our lives from self-love, beauty, family, overcoming our battle with binge eating and horrible body image. We talk about a lot of things that might make others feel uncomfortable like constipation. We like to keep it real with pure honesty.

We want to help other women struggling with these problems and show them that it is possible to regain their self-worth, health and happiness.

We found a workout style that keeps us motivated and consistent and discovered an eating-for-life plan that allows us to have moderation, not deprivation. We can have our wine and chocolate.

We’re committed to helping you live the best life doing what you love–because you deserve it. Are you ready to start doing less to live more?

Our story:

We’re Lori and Michelle and we are here to help you live your life in a body you love by inspiring you through our own personal stories and online coaching programs. We’re here to empower you to overcome any kind of struggle through fitness, nutrition and positive mindset.

The reason why we’re so confident we can help you is that we helped ourselves.

We were able to change our lives, skin, mind and bodies through everything we share here. We healed ourselves through a real food diet, self-love, movement and a positive mindset.

We are here as living proof that you can overcome your struggle, and that’s what we want you to believe about yourself.

We are everyday girls who suffered from real struggles (acne, eczema, digestive, food and body image issues) that found happiness and are loving life.  The workouts, recipes and mindset discussions you’ll find here are ones that have helped us overcome these issues. We want the same for you. We create healthier versions of recipes so you can make delicious gluten and grain free recipes for yourself and your family.

We help you not feel restricted if you have to avoid certain foods. Our workouts are short and effective and sustainable for life. They are fun and attainable so you actually look forward to doing them. We believe food and fitness go hand and hand, but without self-love, your body will never change.

For years we were obsessed to find that “perfect” diet to make us feel and look our best. We were always on the hunt to “fix us” instead of loving ourselves. We feared gaining weight. We went from one extreme to another: exercised obsessively, binge ate, obsessed with burning off what we ate, restricted, did cleanse after cleanse …basically we did self-sabotaging behaviors to ourselves because we felt we had to look a certain way to be healthy and beautiful. We struggled with body image issues for most of our teenage years and into our 20’s.

This obsessive behavior only led us to have a hormonal imbalance (missing periods), adult acne, eczema, gut and digestive issues, diastasis postpartum and pretty much not knowing who we were and what we wanted to do with our lives. We had no self-worth. We relied on outside sources instead of looking within to find happiness and love. We worried too much about what other people thought.

Then something clicked.

Our spiritual journey to get to where we are today was not an easy one. We both had to endure pain and suffering. We had struggles and failures, but we learned from them. They made us stronger and have led us to where we are now: the happiest point in our lives.

We realized the source of our health and body image issues came from not feeling worthy, not knowing who we were or what we wanted to do. We realized that who we were was more than just what our bodies looked like and what food we ate.  We realized finding balance and happiness is having self-love.

Through our struggles, we discovered our passion for helping other heart-centered female entrepreneurs and working moms to discover their self-worth and help them reach their full potential while creating a balanced lifestyle.

Our relationships with food, exercise and body have been completely transformed. We decided we had a bigger purpose. We knew the struggles we went through helped shape us to be the people we are today. Now we can help other women do the same.

Once we started loving ourselves, our bodies and lives changed in a huge way!  Our health struggles started to heal.

We dropped food labels and freed ourselves from being obsessed with being perfectly healthy. We realized we needed to stop trying to fix us and start being more compassionate to ourselves. We started to find balance.

It was an empowering and uplifting feeling when you start to do things out of self-love.

When you are here you are family.

We promise we will be here for you every step of the way.

We are excited for you to be part of our life journey. We want you to know that you are never alone!

This is the place to inspire you to be happy and fit in all parts of life!

Love your workouts. Love the food you eat. Love your body. Love what you do.

We are here to remind you to always love yourself first.

This is the place to #bepurelyyou

Always be your authentic self.

Look at your uniqueness as strengths.

You are you. You were born to do great things.

Be fabulously you in all parts of life.

Want more great tips and inspiration on improving balance, energy, health, fitness, positivity, food, faith and happiness?

Each blog post and video are designed to give you strategies, inspiration and simple steps you can use today to become a happier, more balanced you.

With love and gratitude,

Lori and Michelle

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