How to no longer obsess over food and your body

by purelytwins

If you are new to us, here is a quick background.

We used to be girls who obsessed over calories…from how much we ate and how much we burned off at the gym.

We worried so much about being skinny, thinking that was how we would be accepted and loved.

This obsession only got worse over the years turned into binge eating, overexercising, orthexia and jumping from diet trend to another.

We know many women can relate.

Deep down we all don’t really like our bodies, don’t feel they look good enough…

aren’t beautiful etc.

Well the past few years our obsessions have pretty much stopped.

And thanks to recommitted our lives to Jesus we have even more freedom and peace from all the obsessions.

We want the same for you.

We hope today’s video serves you.

4 tips to help you no longer obsess over food, fitness and what your body looks like

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We hope our tips help you break free from the bondage food and body image can have on you.

We know what it is like.

Do remember it is a journey.

But don’t give up.

As fellow believers, remember the freedom Jesus gives, not a diet programs or even exercise routine.

Many won’t tell you that as they want to get you into their trap of needing their program.

We feel for many.

We want you to succeed with this and the only way how that we know of is with Jesus.

Being girls who are fitness coaches and online influencers we get judged all the time for how we look.

One reason we were hestitate to start sharing workouts again.

But we want to help other women see that they can still be fit and healthy without the obsessions.

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How to feel free and not be consumed with food and exercise

What we discuss:

  • put God first
  • know your why
  • mindset and focus shifts
  • give up something
  • a prayer to help you
  • what was Jesus’s mission
  • good and bad days
  • who do you do it for
  • helping and loving others
  • consume up with Him
  • doesn’t have to take hours
  • The book mentioned in the video – You are Special by Max Lucado – great for kids and adults!

Sit with this – what distractions are in your life that are keeping you from God?

We all have them.

We personally have experienced when we consume more of ourselves with Him, we don’t obsess over other things.

When you focus on serving others you focus on them over you, which helps you not to think about food and your body as much because you are so focused on helping others.

We want you too have this new level of freedom and peace with food and your body.

Check your motives, check your focus.

There is responsibility on us to take care of our bodies, but remember God wants to do life with you.

We believe you can combine faith and fitness.

Remember it is normal to have good days and bads.

Keep leaning into God and community.

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Thanks for the support.

We pray this served you and to continue to seek Jesus along your wellness journey.

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Cristine May January 11, 2022 - 7:50 am

It’s so hard to find fulfillment in ourselves (in all aspect of our life) it’s really important to not dwell so much on the negativities around us. . Thanks for all the tips that you’ve given, I hope more people will read this and have a better perspective on how to not obsess with things.

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