Our journey with idolatry around fitness

by purelytwins

Today we are chatting about something we feel not many talk about.

No one mentioned it to us along our journey and we want to bring light to it.

How to see if you are idolizing your body

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As we mentioned in this video no one told us years ago when we were so focused on our bodies and food that we were idolizing them.

We didn’t realize God is a jealous God.

We hope this helps you see fitness and your body differently so you don’t start to idolize it.

Sharing the way out if you find yourself idolizing your body and fitness

What we discuss:

  • a little bit of our story with fitness
  • scriptures that helped us see God does not like when we make things idols
  • some questions to ask yourself to see if you are still idolizing fitness
  • Lori shares a story to help you see how we are now with exercise
  • we discuss our online sisterhood – Move Live Faithfully and why we created it
  • Jesus is not here to point fingers at you
  • bring your feelings to Jesus
  • a prayer to help you if you are struggling

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God loves you.

We love you too!



Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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