7 steps to help heal eczema & my journey with it

by purelytwins

I am sharing a very detailed outline of everything I did to heal my eczmea.

I first shared my journey back in 2014 when my eczema started to get worse.

And then over the years shared here and there what I was doing. You can see all my past posts here of my healing journey.

So I thought about putting it in one spot so you can see it all.

The journey to healing may not be easy. I am not here to give you a cookie-cutter plan. But tips and tools to help guide you along your journey. 

My faith is a big part of my story. But no matter what you believe, I don’t want anyone to suffer. If you want me to pray for you please leave your name below in the comments.

Sharing 7 important areas to address when healing eczema that I took to heal

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Below are the details of my journey with eczema and then at the bottom I list all tests and supplements I took over the years.

My journey was interesting.

 I don’t recall having major itching skin outbreaks to cause concern when I was little but did experience itching skin. It was mostly on my legs.  No one in my family had itchy skin, so we all just thought it was allergies. 

So I just learned to live with itchy skin – it wasn’t until after college my skin got worse. Where my itching was stronger and harder for me to stop it.

In 2011 is when I first got diagnosed with eczema by a  dermatologist. They didn’t really explain much to me, just gave me a prescription for a steroid cream and set me out.

I didn’t use the steroid cream, but for one time (then threw it away). I didn’t think it was the right way to heal, as I was already into a more natural way of healing due to having digestive issues as a kid.

I did get some stool testing and hormones testing during that time as I was dealing with those health issues too (as constipation/bloat were still things I struggled with and around this time I stopped taking birth control).

The stool test showed my SIgA – was low – so my gut health was bad. It no real barrier to protect itself.

My gut flora was off – signs of candida – yeast overgrowth. 

The doctor gave me a very brief protocol, so I started my own research.

Again I just carried on with life with itchy skin, again it was just on my legs.

In 2012-2013 I would go through periods where my skin itched bad, enough to bleed and leave marks and all.

During my free time, I would read articles and watch videos on eczema. I started buying every ebook I could on it. Other people promising if I follow what they say my eczema will be healed. 

Well that was the case for me. 

My skin only got worse. Patches started getting  bigger.

I did a gut healing in January 2013 (followed a very strict paleo protocol). It helped some, but again my legs would flare up and then clear and it just would go through cycles.

I even got allergy skin test done –   – nothing helped ( i got allergy bed sheets, things for my water etc).

I have been on and off with taking things like Allegra and Zyrtec for allergies.

Then in 2014 my skin just changed drastically. 

 The red patches became bigger and more intense. 

So intense I couldn’t sleep and it was hard to focus during the day.

I shared a video here sharing what my legs looked with eczema.

This is when my 3-year journey to healing started. During the next few years, I saw lots of doctors and tried various treatments from natural things to more traditional medicine.

Some of the doctors confirmed it was eczema and others were not sure – they told me all types of things I was allergic to but nothing I avoided or did help. 

I found my first naturopathic physician as I didn’t want to be handed just a steroid prescription. I knew there was something in me that needed healing.

I saw her in March through June . 

She had me on all types of supplements and things. 

Not only did I have candida but was low in Vitamin D.

After a few weeks with her and not getting better she had me go on a 21-day cleanse, by Standard Process it was their purification program.

Around day 11 on that cleanse the eczema exploded.

This is when the eczema started to spread on other parts of my body. I freaked out.

I was confused. Sad. Disappointed. 

I was so embarrassed and upset that when I went in for my check up with my doctor I couldn’t tell her what had happened. 

I eventually stopped going to that doctor and researched others.

I went and got another allergy test done where they prick my skin – on my arms and back.

It was interesting some things were the same but each allergy test showed I was allergic to different things. Over those years I got 3 allergy tests.

Whatever the test confirmed, I took action. I got rid of all products in my house and bought all the new things and many other things they recommend.

And still no change.

I then went to a doctor-  nutritionist/Registered Dietitian  –  that did food sensitivity testing – I got an MRT test done and followed LEAP dietary program with her. 

I got the MRT test done. I did a lot of research on blood tests for skin and this one was supposedly the best. 

I was excited. This is it. This is my answer.

So after my blood work I get a test rating foods in green, yellow and red, I shared a video here discussing it.

Even though I was on another very restricted diet. I could eat only like 11 things. 

I did this for a month. 

NO change in my skin.

Which actually my eczema started to spread higher up on me now — my neck!!!! 

Freak out moment #2. 

I was getting even more depressed now. Dealing with eczema is very emotional. I was so embarrassed with the way I looked. I always covered it up the best I could because I just felt people staring at me.

It was hard for me to enjoy things, which I was sad because my twin sister, Lori, was pregnant. So here she was having something wonderful to celebrate and I was miserable.

I am sure grateful for Lori. She got me through a lot of my rough nights.

Then I went to a NAET (Nambudridpad’s allergy elimination technique doctor – very expensive and a very long drive to get to) but I was desperate to try anything.

She had me take and do all sorts of things.

But I wasn’t getting better.

I continued with her a bit longer and in the meantime saw another dermatologist.

He just wanted to give me a steroid pill and cream, which I got prescriptions for but never used them. I did get a biopsy done to see if cancerous.

The results came back saying I had contact dermatitis. So, the dermatologist, had me come in to get another patch testing done. And as I said above nothing helped.

As it approached the end of 2014 right before the holidays I stopped seeing all types of doctors. I was tired of spending all this money and not getting any better.

No doctor could help me – whether traditional medicine or natural. The treatments and protocols they put me on all did nothing. 

My eczema was now on me from head to toe. I read about others having it on their faces and I was like I couldn’t imagine. Then it happened to me. 

I was sinking deeper into depression.

My oldest sister told me, “Michelle you have tried everything. You have fought hard. Now it’s time to just enjoy life again.”

And she was right.

I started eating whatever I wanted again (I was still following a limited diet as I was trying to see what was causing it that way because everywhere I would read about eczema it was diet related). 

I started to enjoy life again. I was still in a lot of pain but I found things to help.

Epsom salt baths were my saving grace. The only thing that gave me relief. I even was at the point where I started rubbing epsom salt on my skin in the shower – doing that twice a day.

I did a video here talking about epsom salt to help with itching.

Then my the grace of God I found a new doctor.

When I left her office I had this new hope. She was an amazing doctor!! She knew so much and ordered me a bunch of tests to get done.  Then I would follow up with her in January when my test results got back. 

I still had eczema all over my body, but felt more positive about healing.

My older sister called me with some more good news. A highly sought-after doctor in Naples had an opening to see me. Let me remind you I lived in North Carolina at this time and this new skin doctor was down in Florida. I  agreed to see him and see what he thought about my skin.

It is now January 2015.

But before I fly down to see him, I met with my doctor to go over all my tests results.

My results showed my Vitamin D was good – as in the past it was low – but my doctor had me continue with Vitamin D and omega 3 – even with those being good now. She said I will take them for life. My ferritin was low. A ferritin test helps your doctor understand how much iron your body stores. So she had me take a multi with iron.

I took something to help lower my cortisol as I had high cortisol. I took a probiotic and  B complete that contained methylated versions of B12 and folate.

The tests also confirmed I still had candida and gut dysbiosis.

My doctor also gave me supplements to take to battle candida and recommended a simple eating plan. Around that time a friend mentioned to me about the book I ended up following for my diet. More on that below.

I have battled candida since 2011 – around the same time I was told I had eczema. I tried all natural things and ate a diet according to all the candida sites out there. 

Apparently it didn’t work. 

I told my doctor all this and she said okay since you tried natural let’s go more intense. So I did, below I list what I took.

Now I was armed with new supplements and game plan. 

Time to fly down to Florida to see another dermatologist, and my last one.

He looked over my skin and was blown away. He couldn’t believe my skin was reacting to any past treatments.

He did give me a prescription for an antibiotic to fight off any bacteria – since I had open wounds . It was called Cephalexin – took it for 10 days. This doctor specialized in rare skin issues and he thought I could of been Mycosis fungoides, common form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

But since my biopsy before came back clear of cancer he treated me for eczema.

The last thing to try was phototherapy. He explained how it worked and how it is not guaranteed. The only thing he thought it would help me with was the itch. 

I’ll take that!

I started treatment down there in Florida. I didn’t really realize all the time commitment it was and I had to get back to North Carolina, back to work. 

I started to freak out – What was I going to do?

I couldn’t find any doctor in North Carolina near me that did this special light therapy. 

But then Jen, the nurse that was doing my phototherapy sessions, found some for me to contact!! So I did. I called and made an appointment. It was not close to where I lived but I knew it would be worth it.

I continued phototherapy treatment in NC. I went twice a week. It was about a 40 minute or so commute away. 

It took a good 3 months of phototherapy and fighting candida to finally get CLEAR skin!!! 

You can see my video on phototherapy here.

It was a very slow process. And during this time I was taking supplements and eating a very strict diet for 2 months to help heal my candida.

Tests, treatments and supplements I took to heal eczema

I saw multiple allergists to run patch tests on my skin for chemicals, environment and food. Nothing helped me skin. Things I was told over the years I was allergic to were: balsam of peru, grass, weed pollen, dust mites, cats, and various foods, spices and chemicals.

I saw 2 naturopathic physicians but can only find paper on one. The one I mentioned above in my story that had me go a 21-day cleanse, that didn’t work. But she had me take all kinds of supplemts from B-complex, adrenal complex, antronex, cataplex D, livton, zinc liver chelate, glutamine, fish oil, thyroid complet, DermaCo, ADP, sacchromyces boulardi, a special green superfood, orchex, and many other things including changing things up in my diet. Nothing helped.

I saw NATE practitioner that had me do all sorts of natural things. Nothing worked. She had me take supplements and avoid various things.

I saw many dermatologists. Most of them just gave me steroids, that I never took. And since I wouldn’t use the steroids they pretty much told me they can’t help me. Some of the steroids I was prescribed were prednisone, and clobetasol.

I saw a nutritionist to get the MRT – food allergy test done and followed LEAP ImmunoCalm Dietary Management program. You can check out my video discussing this more here. It didn’t help.

I took one round of antibiotics called Cephalexin. I took it for 10 days to avoid affection as the big patch on the back of my knee was oozing a lot.

I did about 3 months of phototherapy. Check out my video here on phototherapy and eczema.

I took pills and followed a strict diet to fight off candida. I did a video discussing candida here.

The diet that ended I following for 2 months with phototherapy was from the book Digestive Health with Real Food by Aglaee Jacob, M.S., R.D. It is worth checking out if you have digestive and skin issues like me.

Check out my video here on diet and eczema.

I wanted so share the way I eat now is pretty balanced, but I do focus more on a higher fat diet and keep my sugar consumption low. Taking the time to heal my gut and fight off candida has allowed me now to enjoy more foods.

The lotion I like the best is Eucerin eczem relief. I still use it today.

Epsom salt was a lifesaver for me. I currently use one with coconut oil and it really helps me skin stay smooth and clear. Click here to watch my video sharing how Epsom salt helps with itchy skin.

The prescription pills I took to fight candida were:

1. Fluconazole – took for 30 days

2. Nystatin – took for 30 days and about to start one more round

The test I had done for my candida:

Genova Diagnostics – NutrVal FMV amino acids – this test tested for antioxidants, B-vitamins, Minerals, Essential fatty acids, and Digestive support (probiotics and pancreatic enzymes). It also tested Malabsorption and Dysbiosis markers (bacteria and yeast), cellular energy, neutrotransmitter metabolites, toxins,and amino acids.

I also got test for my Vitamin D and iron levels. I got my cortisol tested as well ( I spit my salvia into tubes for a few days).

I also got my thyroid tested. I pretty much wanted as many things I could get tested. This may not be needed for you, but for me I wanted to see as much as I could that was happening in my body.

The stool test I got done in 2011 I think was called:

Expanded GI panel

If you can get a total intestinal test done I recommend it. A test for things like fungi, parasites, bacteria, toxins, and SIgA.

I don’t know the name of the hormone test I got done in 2011 but the things named on my test were:

Estradiol, follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, testosterone, TSH, DHEA sulfate, and progesterone.

Supplements I took:

borage oil * I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing

Vitamin D

Zinc * I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing


Omega 3

Seriphos – this helped lower high cortisol *I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing

Multivitamin with iron – ActivNutrients * I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing

Probiotic -ProbioMax DF

I took something called. ClearVite – enzyme-based multivitamin. It was a powder.I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing.

B complex that contained methylated versions of B12 and folate – BActiv *I don’t take anymore but helped during my healing.

I had mthfr deficiency – a gene mutation of impaired amino acid processing.

Other tips to help with itchy skin and healing eczema:

You have to keep your mind off of it the best you can. I know it can be hard. I wasn’t perfect and still itch my skin at times leading to small red patches.

Now when I get itching episodes I do something like pray, listen to music and get up and dance, play with my nieces…anything to keep my mind off of the itch and keep my hands busy so I don’t itch my skin.

If the itch is bad and I start to itch. I go jump in the shower, rub epsom salt where it itches and rinse. I sometimes have to repeat it 2-3 times.

And I wanted to save the best for last.

My faith.

As I mentioned in the video prayer helped me a lot.

During my very dark days I would cry out to God asking why is this happening.

Many times I wanted to die I was in so much pain.

I would pray a lot – asking God to help take this pain away. 

Some how His strength got me through and eventually did lead me to healing.

My faith was weak for many years which lead me to false practices to heal it. But having eczema and healing did lead me back to God.

I know lean on Jesus when I struggle with my skin.

I hope my story would lead people back to Him and go to Him for healing first.

Then be lead to a doctor or protocol to follow. As that is what happened to me.

If they don’t have a spiritual foundation, I would encourage them to find faith, I am not here to push people but encourage them to find something bigger than themselves to lean on.

I can’t promise healing. 

But I hope I can help someone a little and to not give up.

I think that covers all that i have documents on. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Remember we will have different triggers for eczema and different journey to heal.

If you want me to pray for you, leave a comment below.

Here all my past eczema posts if you want to check them out for more details of things I did to help heal my eczema.

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Emily D October 20, 2022 - 5:57 pm

Hi!!! I love that I came across your page! I love Jesus and I have eczema really bad. Ever since I moved to NC its been bad and it’s growing so much! I live in Raleigh and wanted to know what doctor helped you get all of the tests? I’m about to start UVB light treatment. Please let me know if you can! I haven’t found a doctor who I trust yet, and feel like God really led me to your page!

purelytwins October 30, 2022 - 10:59 am

I saw a doctor in Charlotte, NC. If you ever feel you would travel there – It is Signature Wellness – https://signaturewellness.org/team/dr-deborah-matthew – let me know how else I can help. Email anytime – purelytwins@gmail.com

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