New supplements we take

by purelytwins

It has been awhile since we shared wellness video.

And in today’s we are talking supplements plus a few other things that are not supplements but we use them and like them.

As we mentioned in video we were not paid to do this and we used our own money to buy all the products mentioned.

Come see the supplements we take (plus the cleaning products we use)

If you have been following us for awhile we have been taking magnesium for many years.

Vitamin d is something also we tend to take regularly.

These new products some we have been taken for a year or more, as others are just this past year.

Overall we like them all and for now plan to continue to use them. That could change though as we are always come across new things.

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  • Xlear nose spray (plus use their saline solution for neti pot)
  • Spry Xylitol Toothpaste (mentioned not in video)
  • Goli nutrition apple cider vinegar gummies and Goli bites multi
  • Nouri Digestive health probiotic and omega
  • Super teeth dental probiotic
  • Mary Ruth’s liquid morning multivitamin (plus kids immunity and multi)
  • LMNT electrolyte drink mix
  • Armra colostrum immune revival
  • TrulyFree cleaning products

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