1st time CC tutor and memory work tips

by purelytwins

Well I have a few weeks in me as a first time Classical Conversation (CC) tutor.

Each time it gets better.

It is hard. It takes work.

I am thankful though for this opportunity as I discuss in the video.

How is my first year as CC going and I share some games and tips for CC memory work

As you saw in the video my girls help me practice.

Which I love as now at CC I don’t really see my girls.

So I treasure the time I get to run through the CC memory work with them.

There are many resources from other moms who have done CC that share a lot of great tips. I am so grateful for al the resources out there.

I hope my video encourages you if you do CC to be a tutor. If I can do it, so can you.

I am excited to see how God grows me in this season of my life.

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