Bible study resources

by purelytwins

Below you will find the resources we use to study the Bible.

This is not an exclusive lists, but just what we have or are currently using.

We will update this when we get anything new. This is why we created this as a secret page, because we plan to update it as we continue to read through the Bible.

We want you all to know and understand we are not experts.   We don’t know everything about the Bible. We want to make sure we are reading and sharing about it right and giving it the credit it deserves. We don’t want to share the wrong information or lead you astray from the truth.   We do pray over the Bible before we read and film our videos. But just know we still might make mistakes, say the wrong thing etc. Please grant us grace and forgiveness. 

3 Bibles we have that we got off Amazon:
NLT Reflections Bible 
She Reads Truth Bible
New King James Version

The Bible Tabs we have:
Purple Decorative Bible Tabs
Tabbies Rainbow Bible Indexing Tabs

Please remember- that for the pastors, any scholars, resource or any teacher of some kind, we have not listened to every single thing or read everything they have wrote. So just because we listened to them doesn’t mean we agree 100% with everything the person has said.

Resources for all Bible things:
The at a glance sheet are from Teach Sunday school – they have a lot of things but the ones we have are:

  • Bible characters at a glance
  • Books of the Bible at a glance
  • Bible authors
  • Bible virtues

 Overview Bible – Youtube
Bible Project – Youtube

Good Bible apps to help you study:

  • Logos Bible –  we use for more resources like searching for passages like I want to see all the scripture on love. Allows for more pictures, maps and things. We did to look into this one, as we feel it does more than we use it for.
  • Blue letter Bible – We use this APP the most (it has everything online too). We use it a lot to get cross-references, dictionaries, and text commentaries. It also has audios from pastors teaching on scripture. This APP has a lot of great things including a greek concordance.
  • First 5  – Proverbs 31 app. We don’t use much but it offers Bible studies. 
  • Strong’s Concordance – we use to look up words used in the scripture – although we now tend to use the Blue Letter Bible for that.

Resources we used when we studied Matthew: These are the resources we used for the first time reading Matthew in 2020-2021.

The only written commentary we had was the – Be Loyal – NT Commentary on Matthew by Warren Wiersbe

Pastors we listened to that taught verse-by-verse:

Additional resources:

Here are other sermons from One hour one book pastor we listened too, he does not have every chapter : 

Jesus and the Kingdom (GCBI 108.05) – 

Jesus and the Law (GCBI 108.03)
Jesus and the Discipleship Standards (GCBI 108.04)
Jesus and the Pharisaic Conflict (GCBI 108.07)
It Happened One Sabbath, Pt. 2 (GCBI 108.09)

Then when used some other resources when we studied Matthew 23-25:
FAI App 
Aologoia Studio – Jeff Durbin
Church Missler 

And Jen Wilkins Bible study on Matthew – we discovered this toward the end so we didn’t get to listen to them all, but she is a great teacher:
Matthew part 1 from Jen
Matthew part 2 from Jen

Resources we are using as we read through Mark:

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