Watch out for the wolves | Things we look for in pastors | When to judge

by purelytwins

“Enter through the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who go through it. How narrow is the gate and difficult the road that leads to life, and few find it. Be on your guard against false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravaging wolves.” Matthew 7:13-15 (CSB)

False prophets are real.

Jesus warned about them looking like sheep but are wolves!

We should take this seriously.

Yes, this might seem judgemental but as you see in the video the type of judging we are doing here.

And don’t you want to make sure you are hearing the truth and on the right path to heaven?

Not everyone out there is teaching the true gospel.

To be honest we don’t want to fall back into false practices.

Things to look out for in pastors | Jesus warns of false teachers

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We hope this video/podcast serves you.

Please do your own research on these practices. There are a lot of other great people discussing these topics more in-depth than us.

We are simply sharing we have come across to help you seek the truth.

We highly encourage you to open up the Bible and discover the truth for yourself.

Just be careful who you listen to online and in your churches.

We actually think it is good to get a variety of people’s perspectives and read from different translations of the Bible.

Just remember NO ONE is flawless. We will all mess up.

We aren’t mad at false teachers instead we pray their eyes start to see the real truth.

Jesus knows that many won’t HEAR and really SEE HIM and His message.

We want you to know the real Jesus of the Bible.

We read the Bible to know God. To know our Savior.

It is not always about us and what we can learn for our own lives.

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We know this topic can be a controversial topic.

As Michelle mentioned in the video we saw a girl bashing a pastor that just shares about false prophets out there.

And we understand, but something to think about is – what if that is how God is using Him?

To help the rest of us know the wolves among the sheep.

Just something to think about.

Yes the person needs to be doing it gracefully and show mercy to others.

Again we don’t think one pastor (or pastors) is AMAZING and perfect. Only God is extraordinary!

We should NOT IDOLIZE PASTORS. Or what they say.

Everyone will have their beliefs – rooted in different theology.

We have not WATCHED every video/sermon from these people. And just because we list them here doesn’t mean we 100& agree with everything they say.

Remember this is where we are on our journey right now.

Our views could change.

We personally like pastors that read chapter by chapter because right now that is what we need. We still listen to other sermons about other topics too.

And just because someone is not mentioned here doesn’t mean we don’t like them. There is no way we could know about every pastor out there or listen to them all.

These are just the ones that have come across our path…

and we find new ones all the time.

Pastors and people online we like: *Note this is not an exclusive list or listed in any particular order

And if you know of anyone that teaches the Bible well, leave a comment letting us know!

NOTE: We don’t go over commentaries and all here, as we share those resources in our Bible studies and our Bible resource page we share more tools we use to studying the Bible.

Verse by Verse pastors/Bible teachers – when listening to a pastor we prefer ones who teach from the Bible, verse by verse. In each of our Bible studies we list who we listened to while we studied whatever book we are reading at the time.

Please note we come across new teachers all the time, so we did just have to pick some and go. Knowing we will keep reading the Bible and learning. We do our best to get different pastors with different views on things, but we aren’t perfect (neither is any pastor or scholar).

People that help with false teachings and/or new age things:

  • Doreen Virtue
  • Steven Bancarz
  • Melissa Doughtery
  • Alisa Childers
  • The Cultish show
  • Mike Winger
  • Bezelt3 (youtube channel name)
  • Costi Hinn
  • Fighting for the Faith

Online pastors, teachers, online Christian influencers, scholars, apologetics and other resources to help us not just know the Bible but Christianity: (can be found on YouTube or podcasts, or some have both, and some have books)

  • Allen Parr
  • Daniel from DLM Christian Lifestyle
  • Real Christianity
  • Bible Project
  • Milena Ciciotti and she does a podcast with husband – For me and my House
  • Phylicia Masonheimer
  • Whaddo You Meme??
  • Ruslan KD
  • Tetelestai on the Cross
  • Frank Turek – Cross examined
  • Apologia studios
  • Theology in the raw
  • NT Wright
  • Ben Stuart
  • Dr. Leighton Flowers from Soteriology 101
  • Allie Stuckey
  • How to faith a life – her YouTube channel
  • Phil Robertson – his podcast Unashamed
  • Theology Mom
  • Dr. Sean McDowell – has a YouTube channel and podcast (Think Biblically)
  • Dr. Thomas Schreiner
  • Natasha Crain
  • Adams Road Ministry
  • Premier Unbelievable
  • Gospel Simplicty
  • The ten minute bible hour – Matt Whitman
  • Leonard Ravenhill
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • John Wesley
  • John Bunyan
  • Capturing Christianity
  • Remnant Radio
  • Cold-case Christianity
  • Think Biblically
  • Java with Juli
  • Theology Curator with Kurt Willems
  • Journey women
  • Strong women – colson center
  • All the things podcast
  • Hole in my heart podcast
  • Can I say that podcast
  • Faith to freedom podcast
  • Reasons to believe
  • Just thinking podcast
  • William Lane Craig
  • Sam Allberry
  • Bema discipleship with Marty Solomon
  • Provisionist perspective
  • Sam Storms
  • One hour. One book.
  • Kevin DeYoung
  • All the things podcast
  • Theology in the raw
  • The Real life podcast with Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke
  • Rabbi Greg Hershberg
  • Steve Gregg
  • Mark Vroegop
  • ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry¬†
  • Craig Keener
  • Knowing faith podcast
  • The Listener’s commentary on the New Testament
  • Confession of a crappy Christian podcast
  • Elizabeth Urbanowicz of Foundation Worldview
  • Summit ministries
  • Women in apologetics
  • Impact 360 Institute
  • Center for Biblical unity
  • Coffeehouse questions with Ryan Pauly podcast
  • Cave to the cross apologetics
  • Apologetics Guy – Dr. Mikel Del Rosario
  • Heaven and healing
  • The Naked Bible
  • Jesus Network
  • Wise Disciple

Christian Parenting/ homeschool (*note on Instagram we follow a of homeschooling moms) resources:

  • Focus on the family
  • Pardon the mess
  • Get #offthebench with Heidi podcast
  • Wild and Free
  • Intentional raising passionate Jesus followers
  • Mom to Mom podcast
  • Million praying moms podcast
  • Connected families podcast
  • Risen motherhood podcast
  • Mama bear apologetics
  • Raising cross formed kids podcast – and we like their membership for kids to learn about God and the Bible (our affiliate link)
  • Not consumed ministry
  • Tiny theologians
  • Maven parent podcast

CLICK HERE to see other Bible resources we use to study it

For more people we follow on Instagram you can check out who we follow.

And we keep finding new people too!

Remember as we mentioned in the video we have not watched every single video or read every single thing any of these people posted. We know there are some things we don’t agree with them on but we still are doing good for the Kingdom. God uses all types of people for his purposes.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we can still be loving and disagree on some things.

We are not saying you have to watch or listen to the people listed here, we are simply sharing who has helped us on our journey.

In this episode we chat about false teachers and what to look for in pastors speaking about the gospel. And when as Christians we can judge.

What we discuss:

  • manifesting and law of attraction
  • Jesus believed in demons
  • evil is real
  • Satan has some power
  • idolizing
  • witchcraft
  • being blinded from the truth
  • why is manifesting bad
  • repentance
  • Satan tempts Jesus
  • wrath of God

Please do not hold us a pedestal or anyone. We all are humans and flawed.

We will make mistakes, but this is why we do our best to help one another and pray for others. We are sharing this to help others seek the truth.

We know there will be some that call this judgment. We ask you, wouldn’t you rather us love you by pointing out a false belief or teaching than let you go on believing something that is not of God’s word?

Remember the devil knows how to use scripture too.

Be careful of who you listen to…

even double-check us. We know we are not perfect and don’t know everything.

We share this all with love and pray for those speaking falsely to have their eyes open to the truth.

We hope hearing our stories gives you encouragement and inspiration to start reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and deeply care about you.


our testimony back to Jesus from law of attraction,

What we learned about the law of attraction & being Christians (what you need to know)

4 words that really HIT us hard – this changed everything

Why we are reading the Bible 

Heart to Heart why we didn’t read the Bible for years

This doesn’t mean God is happy with you 

How life is leaving LOA and following Jesus

Do we still practice manifesting?

Test and temptations – Matthew chapter 4 

A verse taken out of context – does this really mean I get what I ask for ?

Is manifesting really that bad to practice as a Christian?

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We are so thankful that the Lord has given us this platform to encourage and inspire others to seek Him more.

Friends, if you have any questions please comment below.

We are here for you.

God loves you.

We love you too!



Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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Rhonda January 13, 2024 - 11:17 pm

Love Adams Road ministry and baby in Christ Doreen Virtue! Please consider adding Pastor Jack Hibbs to your list of recommended teachers. Great Bible teacher! Also, I wouldn’t recommend Jon Courson’s teachings to anyone. Please consider removing him from your list. He continued teaching/pastoring while in and after an adulterous relationship, he also has some weird catholic-like teachings about communion.

purelytwins January 22, 2024 - 8:03 pm

Oh yes we heard Adam on Doreen’s YouTube.


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