Worship music to listen to as Christians and Bibles we have

by purelytwins

Worship music is one of the best ways to sing praise to our Lord.

When we worship it is about praising God for who He is, His character and His greatness. The songs should be more about HIM and less of us.

We will say be careful of what you are listening to ALL the time. What are you filling up your ears with? It is bringing you closer to God or not?

We are not saying you can’t listen to certain music or songs. We all have the freedom to listen to whatever we want, but for us, the Holy Spirit has directed our hearts to let go of certain music and listen to more songs that worship the Lord.

It is not to say we never listen to any other type of music. No one is perfect.

Worship starts in the heart. Just like we have said in many of our previous videos/podcasts – God wants our hearts. So remember friends what music you listen to will play a part in how you live your life… different music does influence us all differently.

We listen to a variety of Christan-based music but do have a few favorites. We even love listening to worship music that is in different languages as it reminds us that God is everywhere and there are other believers outside of America.

Christian worship music playlist and great Bibles to have to be in God’s word daily

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We recommend, if you can, to have a variety of Bible translations. We feel each help you deepen your faith.

The Bibles we have:

New Kings James Version -black leather

Christian Standard Bible from She Reads Truth – hard cover

New Living Translation – The reflections Bible – hard cover

We also have a variety of APPs that have Bibles too which allows us to read even more translations.



Sharing our Christian worship music playlists and the Bibles we have to be in God's word daily.

We will be honest though just like with who we listen to online, we are careful with our music.

There are certain churches (like Bethel, Elevation and Hillsong) music we do not aim to listen to that much.

You don’t have to agree with us but the core message of these churches doesn’t always line up with the truth of the Bible.

We rather support other singers and we don’t want to lead people to false doctrine.

Again we don’t IDOLIZE singers or music. We aren’t saying it is bad to listen to their music, we say just be careful.

There are some songs from these churches we do like but they are not our go-to worship music. Again we pray for these people and churches… because there is some good from them and we don’t know how God is using people.

We are simply sharing our music playlists and what we found out about worship music.

Here are some articles if you are interested in learning more about being careful who you listen to with worship music:

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Why are we so prone to idol worship?

Like with law of attraction/manifesting practices, we just rather not put certain messages in our ears. We don’t want to take the risk, for us personally, praising false things.

But again we are human, the singers and bands are human, so thank goodness for grace.

Do your own research and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Go to God for help on this.

We hope hearing our stories gives you encouragement and inspiration to start reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and deeply care about you.


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We are so thankful that the Lord has given us this platform to encourage and inspire others to seek Him more.

Friends, if you have any questions please comment below.

We are here for you.

God loves you.

We love you too!



Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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