Manifesting & Christianity – Do we still manifest?

by purelytwins

We pray our video and podcast today serve you because everything we share is out of love.

We know some of you followed us because of our manifesting tips and all.

As others stopped following us because we were doing this new age practice and through our testimony video many of you said you prayed for us.

So once again thank you.

We have some important messages in this video, we know it is a bit of a long one but please watch it all. And we had little more said regarding ask seek and knock Bible verse video we did.

Do we still manifest things into our lives?

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We hope this video/podcast serves you to stop all manifesting-like practices.

Please do your own research, we are simply sharing what we have discovered as we don’t want you on the wrong path.

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The work of the enemy is real and anything that could lead us away from God we no longer practice.

But like we said in the video, we are not perfect and might slip up.

Just like every other human.

Let’s practice mercy and compassion to one another while at the same time make sure w are pointing one another to Jesus.

Do we still manifest things into our lives as Christians? In this video, we address manifesting and being Christians. We share our personal convictions and much more. #manifesting #faith

What we discuss:

  • manifesting
  • don’t put others on a pedestal
  • our personal convictions
  • more Bible verses that hit us hard
  • we are all imperfect
  • God uses us all differently
  • twisting scripture
  • Montell Fish youtube video Michelle mentioned – How to be a Christian in today’s world
  • work of the enemy
  • cost of following Jesus
  • doubt and bitterness

We hope hearing our stories gives you encouragement and inspiration to start reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and deeply care about you.


our testimony back to Jesus from law of attraction,

What we learned about the law of attraction & being Christians (what you need to know)

4 words that really HIT us hard – this changed everything

Why we are reading the Bible 

Heart to Heart why we didn’t read the Bible for years

This doesn’t mean God is happy with you 

How life is leaving LOA and following Jesus

Why God allows trails

Hearing God 

We appreciate your support.

Please share this with someone you think you benefit from hearing about reading the Bible.



L and M

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