Hearing God – sharing our thoughts and experience (+ Matthew chapters 1-3)

by purelytwins

Do you desire to hear more from God?

We took 4 days off from social media to do deeper into prayer and to hear God.

In today’s video we share our thoughts on hearing God plus share important reminders from reading Matthew chapters 1-3.

Can you hear God? If so, how do you hear Him? Does God have a purpose for me?

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Make sure to leave a comment below sharing your takeaways from Matthew chapters 1-3.

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We hope to inspire you to open the Bible and read and grow in your faith.

Remember we are two everyday girls sharing our journey of reading the Bible. We are not experts and do not know everything. Please always do your own studying.

We pray you have a sold relationship or begin to build a relationship with the Lord too.

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How do you hear God? We are sharing our thoughts and experience. Plus share some key things we took away from reading Matthew chapters 1-3 about purpose, everyday people and trusting in God's plan. Let us know your thoughts too of our new name!

Things we discuss in the video/podcast:

  • How do you hear God
  • Purpose and a God of detail
  • God can use us all no matter our backgrounds
  • Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus – how it probably didn’t go like they planned
  • Emotions and how we need to take action despite our emotions sometimes to follow God
  • Praying, waiting and trusting
  • Everyday guy – John the Baptist – can God use anyone for His glory?
  • Taking action
  • We took time off to hear God – what we discovered
  • Name change

We are still on a journey remember.

And we are all on different journeys with the Lord and He will use us all differently.


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L and M

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