Sharing our plan as beginners in reading the Bible

by purelytwins

New to reading the Bible?

Or haven’t read it years like us and don’t know where to start?

Feel overwhelmed with where to being and how to best approach reading the Bible?

Well in today’s video and podcast we are sharing how we plan to read the Bible – where we are starting, how we are doing and why.

Reading the Bible as beginners: Our Bible reading plan

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If you have read the Bible please share any tips or what you did to help others.

We hope to inspire you to open the Bible and read.

Remember what we share here isn’t the only way to approach reading the Bible.

We recommend you pray to God on it and do what excites you.

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New to reading the Bible? Or haven't read it in years like us? We share our approach to reading the Bible as beginners - where we are starting, how we are reading it and why. Please share your Bible reading tips. #biblestudy #womenofgod #christians

It is so important for each of us to read the Bible and form a relationship with Him.

It is important for us to know Jesus and learn how we should be living.

If you desire to hear from God, you need to be in the word.

If you feel lost, scared, confused, anxious, depressed, open the Bible and let Jesus work in your heart.

Like you have learned in our testimony back to Jesus, there are a lot of people not teaching the truth about the gospel so you need to know for yourself what is the truth.

Don’t rely on just what you hear online.

God wants to get to know you.


If you haven’t watched our testimony back to Jesus from law of attraction, please do to help you understand where we are coming from.

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Why we are reading the Bible 

We don’t feel qualified 

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L and M

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