Our testimony back to Jesus | Goodbye LOA

by purelytwins

After sharing this video we are here sharing our testimony from New Age practices back to Jesus.

We are not sure where to start.

This is difficult for us to share.

But it is something that God has placed in us in our hearts and we feel to honor Him we need to share this because this is His story.
Not our story.

We were deceived by the enemy.

And we wanted to share more of our story of how we didn’t even realize (and then later didn’t want to admit) law of attraction like practices we were doing, wasn’t Biblical! Even though we thought God brought it into our lives, we learned the enemy did it because it kept us further from God.

We know the video is long, but please watch it all.

Testimony back to Jesus from LOA| new age

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Even if you are a non-believer we encourage you to watch and decide for yourself what to do with what we say.

We completely understand to some of you that are listening, that this message might turn you off, because we were that way a few years ago.

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