Changing how we read the Bible

by purelytwins

We are two books into reading the Bible for the first time.

Matthew and Mark.

We are beginning our study into John.

It has been 2 years since we shared our testimony.

We have learned a lot about the Bible…

well, we will always be students of the Bible.

In today’s video and podcast, we share some things we would have done differently with reading the Bible and how we plan to approach it now.

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We hope this encourages you to open your Bible and get started.

We personally will continue to make mistakes, but that is how we learn and grow.

And finding good Bible resources helps too.

Here are ways to meditate on God’s word – things we are going to try to do better with now when reading the Bible:

  • Read the whole book in one sitting – which we have done with John. We actually had to split it up in two days.
  • Then start with reading one chapter at a time and when we read it, read from 3 different translations.
  • Read through the chapter looking for key themes, patterns, key words and write down any questions that come up.
  • Study who is the author and why he is writing this.
  • Study what the original author meant and what the original audience would get from it.
  • Look into the cultural and historical context. What was happening then.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit helps you understand what you read – to illuminate the truth of the scripture.
  • Pray through it – go slow and talk back to God as you read.
  • Look how the book begins and ends.
  • Then start going through it verse-by-verse.
  • Listen to pastors who teach the text verse-by-verse and read through commentaries.
  • Read the chapter out loud and another time silently. Focusing on the words written and why.
  • Look into cross references, look up Greek words, look at maps of the locations mentioned.
  • It is also important to understand why style of writing is this, like history, prophets, wisdom, letters, apocalyptic.
  • Other things to look for is how people react to Jesus and how Jesus interacts with them. How Jesus interacts with the Father.

They key is to read the passages over and over.

Really slow down and mediate on God’s word.

Dive into resources to help you understand things.

Come asking and seeking when you read Scripture.

Everything written with a purpose.

The Bible is still for us today. It is alive and active.

As you can see there is so much you get out of studying the Bible.

This is how God speaks.

And He wants you to read His word and know Him.

How do you meditate on God’s word? Anything you learned from reading and studying the Bible?

Make sure to check out our Bible studies + resources.

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