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Below are videos we filmed going over the overview of Matthew and resources we used to study it.

This was the first book of the Bible that we have read. We are sharing our journey of reading the Bible for the first time coming out of false teachings (new age things, like manifesting and law of attraction, and prosperity gospel).

We are not experts just two girls who love Jesus and have a deep desire to know God’s word and truth.

So remember we are still learning and give us grace.
Always check in with God first when you hear or read things. 
We are here to encourage you to do your own separate reading of the Bible and then come here to watch our videos and join in on the discussions

Some believe Matthew was written after Mark and before the destruction of the temple. 

Other scholars believe it was written after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. 

But most would say Matthew was written between 50-60 AD and after Mark.  Although some believe it was the first one written.

Matthew’s audience was the Jews.  

Matthew helps them see Jesus was the son of God and what God’s kingdom look liked.

It has a lot of Jesus’s teachings and showing all the prophecies He fulfilled. 

Resources for Bible Study – Matthew

Some things to pay attention to as you read Matthew are:

  • repeating words
  • themes
  • characteristics of Jesus
  • all the prophecies
  • son of Man
  • judgment
  • truly I tell you
  • Kingdom of heaven like
  • how different people react to Jesus
  • the outsiders getting in and those that should be are not

Matthew Overview:

Here are some resources we used to help with the overview of Matthew:

The at a glance sheet are from Teach Sunday school – we looked at the Matthew book, author Matthew and some of the characters from NT

The Gospel of Matthew: Overview | Whiteboard Bible Study

Overview: Matthew 1-13

Overview: Matthew 14-28

One Hour. One Book: Matthew

This podcast on Matthew –

Sermon: The Melodic Line of Matthew — Douglas Sean O’Donnell | Book Overview

ASL | The Bible Explained: Matthew 

Spoken Gospel – Matthew

Matthew resources we used for studying it for the first time:

These are the resources we used for the first time reading Matthew:

The only written commentary we have is the – Be Loyal – NT Commentary on Matthew by Warren Wiersbe

We read other commentaries off APP, mentioned below.


Blue Letter Bible –  We use this APP the most. We use it a lot to get cross-references, dictionaries, text commentaries and audios from pastors teaching on scripture. This APP has a lot of great things including a Greek concordance.  You can also view everything on their website it you don’t want to download the app. I read the Matthew Henry commentary on Matthew as well as David Guzik.

Then we later found David has a website sharing commentary on Mattthew – Enduring Word.

Logos Bible – It has a lot of tools, we find new ones all the time. For Matthew, we used it searching for passages like I want to see all the scripture on love. Allows for more pictures, maps and things. We used the Faithlife study bible inside it for Matthew.

Strong’s Concordance – we use to look up words used in the scripture – although we now tend to use the Blue Letter Bible for that. So we don’t use this that much.

Pastors we listened to while we studied Matthew for the first time that teach it verse by verse: Please remember all that we list here is not all the resources on Matthew, it was just what we choose to use studying the first time. Since we studied it and recorded our Bible studies, we have learned more and found more resources. But that’s the beauty of this, you always are growing and learning while reading God’s word.

The Word for today app (Chuck Smith)  

 Door of hope – Matthew series

Harvest Family Fellowship  – Matthew audio series 

Calvary Church FL (our local church here in Florida) – Matthew series  

One Hour. One Book- guy that we mentioned above had other videos we watched. Here are other sermons we listened too from him, he does not have every chapter :  

Jesus and the Kingdom (GCBI 108.05) –  

Jesus and the Law (GCBI 108.03)

Jesus and the Discipleship Standards (GCBI 108.04

Jesus and the Pharisaic Conflict (GCBI 108.07)

It Happened One Sabbath, Pt. 2 (GCBI 108.09)

More things that helped us studying Matthew:  

The Plot against Jesus – David Platt –    

Apologia Studio – They have a Youtube channel that we watched some of their sermons on Matthew, mostly around chapters 23 – 27.  In our end times page you can see all the videos we watched, plus under each of our Matthew Bible study videos we list all the videos we watched for each chapter.

FAI App plus they have a Youtube, again you will see them listed mostly around Matthew 24-25 in our end times resource page.

And Jen Wilkins Bible study on Matthew – we discovered this toward the end so we didn’t get to listen to them all:
Matthew part 1 from Jen
Matthew part 2 from Jen

A NEW RESOURCE we discovered a year after studying Matthew (and coming to the end of Mark) is the BEMA podcast with Marty – we highly recommend!

He has a season on the NT including going through Matthew, we have only listened to a few so far as we are squeezing them as we finish up studying Mark. But we are excited because we are starting John next and they are going to through John, verse-by-verse.

We learned new things that changed how we see Matthew.

But we hope all this shows you just to get started with reading the Bible and understand it is a journey of learning the Bible!

Bible study workouts – Matthew

We are so glad you are here and ready to grow closer to God while listening to God’s word, the book of Matthew while working out. 

We pray these scripture infused workouts bless you and your life as it has ours. God is so good and faithful. The more you show up and want to grow closer to Him, He will reveal more to you. 

CLICK HERE for all of our Matthew Scripture workouts

Verse-by-verse Bible study – Matthew

Click here to get all of our Matthew Bible studies for free here.

Break up the videos in any way you like. Do what works for your schedule, remember it is not to gain favor from God or check off any boxes. Rather see you being disciplined to read God’s word to know more about HIM.

It took us a whole year to read it, so no rules or anything here.  You can check out our video here sharing our experience of reading Matthew one year later.

Having a guide does help you stay accountable in our opinion. 
We recommend you read the chapter or verses before you watch our videos.  
As it is important you have your own alone time with God and His word.  
Then watch our videos and join in on the discussions. 

Thanks for being here and studying Matthew with us for the first time.

We hope this serves you in your walk with Christ.

Some of our other Matthew content of ours:

Tips for studying the Bible & important things to know when studying Matthew

Our faith changed after this | Bible study with us – Matthew 1-15 –

See our end times resource page here

BONUS Matthew Bible studies resources:

We didn’t know about patterns in the Bible, here are two sites we have used as we study John, they offer chiasms for Matthew:

Chiasmusxchange – Matthew

Matthew literary structure

Matthew chapters 1- 4: (some of them will be used for other chapters as well)

The Shepherds and the Wisemen

Who Were the Magi and Why Are They In the Bible?

The Star of Bethlehem, the Magi, and the Connections in the Bible to the Overall Story

Shalom: Righteousness, Community and Loving Our Neighbors

The Kingdom (Teaching Series)

The Mystery of Jesus’ Virgin Birth

Prepare the Way #4 — Christ

The Mystery and Meaning of Bethlehem with Pastor Chad Veach and Rabbi Jason Sobel

A “Pregnant Virgin”?!? Defending a Messianic interpretation of Isaiah 7:14 

Is the Child Born in Isaiah 9 Messianic Prophecy or History

The Star of Bethlehem, the Magi, and the Connections in the Bible to the Overall Story

The Mystery of the Magi and the Star of Bethlehem

Matthew Commentary 

Matthew Chiasmus

More Matthew patterns

Virgin Birth Stories Before Jesus? Darrell Bock, Joe Fantin, Mikel Del Rosario

Jesus and Caesar Augustus copied?

Jesus and Horus – copied?

Jesus and Osiris: Was the Virgin Birth Copied from Myth? Mary Jo Sharp and Darrell Bock

Virgin Births in Other Religions? PROOF that Jesus’ Story Wasn’t Copied from Myths!

Was the Virgin Birth a Hoax? How to show that Jesus’ birth story WASN’T made up by the church!

Jesus and Mithra: Was the virgin birth copied from myths?

How to bring order out of chaos

Written in the stars

Why did Satan quote Psalm 91 to Jesus? – came across this video after we filmed, wanted to share it because it was good

Matthew chapters 5-7:

What Matthew 6:33 (Seek First the Kingdom of God) Means

Seek first the kingdom of God

There Is a Way to Know Jesus Better – Sermon on the mount

The Key to Unlocking Matthew’s Gospel

And more from the Bema podcast (and Marty Solomon’s YouTube channel) and the books Michelle mentioned in video by Lois Tverbery – the books are on our Amazon store – if you use our link we may receive a small commission. Thanks for the support, helps us keep doing this.

Sermon on the Mount #1 — The Beatitudes

Sermon on the Mount #2 — Salt and Light 

Sermon on the Mount #3 — The Law 

Sermon on the Mount #4 — Enemies

Sermon on the Mount #5 — The Needy

Sermon on the Mount #6 — Prayer and Fasting

Sermon on the Mount #7 — Worry

Sermon on the Mount #8 — Judgment

Sermon on the Mount #9 — The Door

Sermon on the Mount #10 — Trees and Fruit

Sermon on the Mount #11 — The Builders

Lord’s Prayer not a new prayer

More on the true meaning on giving and fasting in secret

Abolish and fulfill

More on Jesus teachings and not making it harder but

Matthew 5

Matthew chapters 8-9:

Rabbi and Talmidim

Why did Jesus allow the demons to enter the herd of pigs

A Former Naked, Tomb-Dwelling Demoniac Becomes an Evangelist 

Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners

Matthew 8

Matthew 8:1-22 

Matthew 8:23-9:26 

Matthew 9:27-10

Matthew 10-12:

Christ sends the twelve

Family-Dividing, Sword-Casting Jesus

Sabbath healings

Jesus as Fulfiller of Isaiah and the New Creation

The Violence of the Kingdom and the Friend of Sinners

He will give you rest

Teaching about Biblical Allusions by Ray Vander Laan

Matthew 11

Matthew 12

Matthew 13 :

The imagery of leaven

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