Chiasms | I am statements in John | Reading the Bible better

by purelytwins

As we have been studying the gospel according to John now for a few months we have learned some things that changed how we read John and the Bible as a whole.

We are super excited to bring you this video and we pray it encourages you to dive deep into God’s word.

Chiasms, irony, and I am statement and Isaiah how they are changing how we read the gospel of John

We have really enjoyed learning about chiasms in the Bible.

When we learned these all things mentioned in the video and saw the connections we were blown away.

God’s word is amazing!!

We pray this encourages you to keep studying your Bible.

It does take work but there are resources out there to help.

Check out our John resource page to see all that we are using to study John.

Check out our Bible study resource page for more links to resources.

Check our our John 4 Bible studies, here is part 3

Resources mentioned in video:

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