Our 2021 summer schedule with mommy plus homeschool routine

by purelytwins

Hey friends Michelle and I are sharing what our days have been looking like over here over the summertime.

In the video, you will see real-life moments during our days here with the kids at home and while we continue to film new workouts, Bible studies and videos for you.

Update, we no longer have an online business, but share our workouts for FREE here.

I am so grateful for the resources available from school things to learning about Jesus.

Something that was pressed into my heart last year was considering homeschooling my kids. I am not sure yet what I will do but I am researching and finding resources for it. In the meantime, I am taking some of the concepts and teaching from certain homeschool places and incorporating them into my family’s summer here and so far it is going well!

Enjoy the video.

Christian summer routine + resources

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Homeschool schedule and activities over the summer while working at home

I share this to help you spark conversations about God with your family.

I enjoy seeing how other moms do things and what resources they use, so I hope this serves you.

Resources in the video:


Peaceful press

Masterbooks – Heave and Earth book

Kids apologetics books : (which we got off Amazon)

If I could ask God anything by Kathryn Slattery

Keeping your kids on God’s side by Natasha Crain

Honest Answers by Janelle Alberts and Ingrid Faro (will do when a bit older)

Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

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Make sure you share any tips or resources you use down in the comments below.

Remember NOT every day is perfect.

Not every day we do this as with vacation and all we play more and don’t stick to a schedule.

There are days when the kids don’t listen.

There are days they are on technology more.

And there are days that are simply amazing.

We are so grateful Jesus is with us in every moment because we can’t do this without Him!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with an amazing family and to have access to amazing resources.


Our morning time with Jesus routine

Table basket to start the conversations about Jesus while my kids eat

My Christian mom morning routine

Reusable coloring books about Jesus

A powerful story about prayers and moms

My first round of Christian resources to teach my kids about Jesus

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