5 AM Christian Mommy Morning Routine

by purelytwins

This year with kids going to school it has been different.

I know many parents would agree.

When schools first opened in August Lyla was able to go in as Madison did her first few weeks online as her school was not open.

That was a fun and interesting time, and then when Madison’s school opened she was able to go into school.

Which was really hard for me as she is in kindergarten at a new school for us all. I haven’t even see what the inside looks like. They never allowed for new parents to get an open house or anything.

But like other moms out there we are all doing the best we can to get through this school year.

I hope you enjoy my video/podcast sharing how my current morning routines.

5 AM Christian Mommy Morning Routine | Jesus quiet time | Preschool & Kindergarten

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Every morning is the same yet different.

Some mornings everything goes smoothly as other mornings it seems everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

5 AM Christian Mommy Morning Routine | Jesus quiet time | Preschool & Kindergarten In this video, I (Lori) is sharing my current 2020 morning routine from how I wake up early to read the Bible and then get my two kids ready for school. This year with COVID school has been different as we know many parents can relate to that we are all doing the best we can. I wanted to share how I make it a priority to be in the Word each morning and get my family ready for the day. So please enjoy seeing my mornings with my preschool and kindergarten children.

Things I focus on first is spending some time with Jesus.

It really helps me stay focused and get through the day.

If you want to do kid Bible studies and workouts with me and my two little girls check out  His Strong Children

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We pray for the health and safety of all kids and families everywhere.

We pray for the health and safety of all the teachers and schools everywhere.

We don’t know what the future looks like for us and school over here. I have looked into homeschooling but we are just taking everything a day at a time.

What about you – do your kids go into school? do it online? or do you homeschool?


How Lori is teaching her kids about Jesus

Life over here and homeschool

Why we are reading the Bible 

Our Bible reading plan

Swearing and loving others in the Bible

Anger sex and lust in the Bible

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Sending love to all the moms out there.

You are doing a great job.

We are so thankful that the Lord has given us this platform to encourage and inspire others to seek Him more.

Friends, if you have any questions please comment below.

We are here for you.

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