Our early morning routine with Jesus

by purelytwins

We asked on Instagram if people wanted to see our morning routines and everyone said yes.

We hope our video/podcast serves you and inspires you to spend time with our Lord every morning, even if it is 5 minutes.

How we start our day with Jesus.

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Remember this is just how we start our mornings.

It is important your quiet time with Jesus should reflect you and how you connect with the Lord.

We like to keep it simple.

We have no set time for things, we let the Holy Spirit guide us.

And we chat about Michelle’s living situation because we know many wonder if she lives with Lori.

Quiet time with Jesus

What we discuss:

  • our dedicated area to worship, pray and read the Bible
  • the order we start our day and why
  • not every morning is perfect
  • not every morning we read the Bible
  • some mornings we struggle focusing
  • an attack of the enemy – so be careful
  • our prayer journal
  • importance of prayer
  • why many struggle to pray
  • having a special place is not required – God just wants your heart and time
  • share a little more about how we read the Bible

We find delight in all that we do.

We don’t do it because we feel we have to.

But it is a choice we make.

We don’t have a checklist. Be careful of those that put requirements on you – legalistic approach.

Your salvation is in Jesus only. Not in what you do. But what He did for us all.

We share this to encourage you to spend some each morning, how ever that looks for you, with the Lord.

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