New thoughts on “clean” living

by purelytwins

A few weeks ago we listened a podcast that really HIT us in the heart.


Because this used to be us.

Should you care about if a product or food is considered “clean”?

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Should Christians care about “clean” living?

Good Enough Podcast Episode – Clean living

Do make sure you give it a listen. They share some great perspective too and give more Bible verses.

We simply share our personal thoughts and experience with this. We have been on both ends.

Remember these issues aren’t getting a person in Heaven or making yourself good with God.

We think we all need to be more aware of the words we say to others as we never would want someone to feel about this.

This shouldn’t be dividing us.

Our bodies are complex so there is more to health than just what you eat or products you use.

We all have different interests, values, money, resources, etc.

We are not going to stop using a product just to prove others we don’t have an issue.

We are still drawn to certain products over others but like we said we don’t want anyone to feel shame or guilt for using or not using a product.

Have you ever noticed this or felt this yourself?

Thanks again sister for the support.


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