4 things we wished we did years ago in our fitness journey

by purelytwins

We were like most girls and struggled with our body.

For years we abused our bodies by working our for hours and restricting our eats.

We had insecurities even when we got to our leanest.

4 things to do in your fitness routine that will change everything for you

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We know many women still struggle along in their fitness journey.

We pray these tips help you see how to get true success and satisfaction in your fitness and health journey.

God does care about you!

Where to find true success in your fitness routine | Christian Perspective

What we discuss:

  • inviting God into your wellness routines
  • not a salvation issue
  • 2 camps
  • be aware of these traps
  • His yoke is easy
  • why you need to stay rooted in God’s truth
  • changing our focus

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We hope this has encouraged you on your walk with Christ and inspired you to open your Bible and invite Him into your wellness routines.

Thanks again sister for the support.

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