How we went from exercising an hour or more to NOW exercising 20 minutes or less

by purelytwins

We have wanted to share our fitness story for a long time.

Although it is a long up and down story, we did our best to keep it short.

We are sharing our fitness journey of overexercising to short workout lovers.

We are working out less and looking better than ever and you can too.

How we went from exercising an hour or more 7 days a week to NOW exercising 20 minutes or less 5 days a week.

Please share this video with your girlfriends who would benefit from this video. Thank you so much!

As we mentioned in video it was a long journey to become comfortable with working out less.

Please honor we you are on your journey.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Focus on your fitness health journey.

Also make sure you check out the 5 ways to improve your home workouts to get better results (they don’t require movement).

And why you might not be getting results working out at home.

Get fit anywhere workout guide for busy women building empires

If you are looking for some help with your home workouts to get you in the right mindset matched with short effective workouts to get results get our get fit anywhere digital guide. 

In this guide you learn about our 3-part steps to success: Fit workouts, Fit Nutrition and Fit Love.

PLUS you get to work out with us. Full-length workout videos you can do anytime anywhere.

How we went from exercising an hour or more 7 days a week to NOW exercising 20 minutes or less 5 days a week. Sharing our fitness journey of overexercising to short workout lovers. We are working out less and looking better than ever and you can too. #fitness #motivation #healthyhabits

We hope this helps you see that doing more exercise doesn’t mean better results.

We have shared our journey here on the blog. Many of you have seen us change and grow.

You saw us do marathons then get into bodyrock workouts.

You saw us struggle with our health and skin.

Then we got into law of attraction and manifesting years ago started adding mindset, soul work, into our workouts.

It has totally changed who we are and improved our lives for the better.

We have more freedom, more peace and more love for ourselves.

We no longer punish yourselves at the gym for what we ate.

We focus more on how we feel and less on how we look.

We recommend you start doing this as well.

Make sure you are working out for the right reasons.

What are your intentions with your workouts?

Make sure you love whatever form of exercise you are doing.

Realize taking breaks is necessary!!


You don’t need to be perfect to get results. How to be consistent with exercise. 

2 surprising things that helped us end our body image and health issues

I didn’t work out for a month here’s what happened. Plus discussing body shaming, body image and body dysmorphia.

No workouts for a month discussing fear of gaining weight 

A hidden block preventing you from healing or getting to your desired weight

How to make fitness a priority and live your best life

6 ways to stay consistent with your workouts as girl bosses

How to get fit, maintain your weight without extreme dieting and self-hate

How to get over the mindset that my workout wasn’t enough and I need to do more

Can there be a healthy lean? 

Big reason why your body still isn’t changing 

The best way to work out to get lasting results

Still don’t love your body despite how much exercise you do? Give this a try

Will I gain weight if I don’t work out for an hour or more?

Why working out less will make us fitter and happier?

Feeling fat, out of shape? Change your inner stories to change your body

Would you really love yourself more if you weighed less or had 6-pack abs?

Enjoy fit soul bosses! We love you.

We love being able to  help other women learn to love their bodies and exercise better not harder.

If you want to see how we got started improving our mindset and overall improving our relationship with ourselves, food and our bodies check out SOSL.

In this online course, we share everything we came across that helped us shift our mindset and therefore learned to love ourselves and change our lives. It is more than just a food body love program, it’s a mindset self-love program to help you stop obsessing and start living the life you are meant to live!

It’s a daily practice to hold faith and keep going.

If you want to see what we do daily for our minds, bodies, and souls, click here to see if we are the right coaches for you:

Sending you love and healing,


Lori and Michelle

Make sure you get yourself some fit soul boss shirts to remind you of who you are and affirm you are beautiful, worthy and enough every time you wear them. So every time you wear the shirt you are affirming who you really are.

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