Food freedom & elimination diets – why do them if God is sovereign?

by purelytwins

In today’s episode, we are addressing some messages we have received over the past few months ever since sharing our faith and food freedom and healing with Jesus series.

We are exciting to dive into this topic today as it is something we personally wrestled with as well.

If God is sovereign and we have food freedom with Jesus, why do we not eat certain foods? Let’s chat about this.

We want to say thank you to all who have messaged us over the past months around topics like this.

We hope today’s episode gives you hope and encouragement.

We say all this with love and truth…

and that we understand!

Participation required in miracles: Food freedom, elimination diets & healing with God

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We know faith can be a sensitive issue.

We know us talking about our faith offend others or turn them off.

But we will continue to share about the one person who has saved us and helped us find true lasting food freedom.

We know food and diet is a sensitive and loaded topic too.

Everyone seems to have their opinions, which is all good, but we hope our video today helps you along your journey with food freedom.

If God is sovereign and my healer and I have food freedom with Jesus, why do elimination diets? Why avoid foods?

What we discuss:

  • Jesus miracle stories of feeding the 5000 and 4000
  • things that are our responsibility
  • check your own heart and motives
  • end times – You know, don’t be decieved
  • elimination diets and Michelle’s eczema
  • food freedom yet we do not eat certain foods
  • action is required
  • how God worked in us differently around food and healing our skin
  • curious or passing judgment
  • a choice from peace not fear
  • story about birds
  • thank God for the medicine, for doctors, etc
  • the video Lori mentioned about Canaanite woman

Like we said in the video, we have been doing elimination diets and being resistive with our foods since high school, so many many years of being obsessive around food.

But we hope our story shows you how Jesus brings peace and healing.

We understand the struggle.

We understand the strong desire to be healed and to stop worrying about food.

This is why we share this because we can’t do it, only Jesus.

Seek Him in ALL things.

Our healing journeys and diets will be different.

Participation is required.

Remember this is not a salvation issue, so we pray this doesn’t continue to divide people. But can we all come to an understanding our life and way of eating can be different…

that food freedom will look different on us all?

We hope this helped paint the picture that Jesus is with us but we still need to DO things.

Be careful not to make diets or healing an idol.

We don’t view the way we eat as restrictive yet true freedom that we have the choice to eat what we want. We no longer feel confused or have fear around food and we want the same for you.

Healing isn’t easy but Jesus is with you. He is concerned for you.

Ask Him, Lord what do you want me to know about (insert your situation)

Scripture mentioned:

Matthew 14 and 15

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Thanks for the support.

We pray this gives you peace and reminding you to continue to seek Jesus along your health journey.

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