No set formula for healing with Jesus – Part 4

by purelytwins

As we have continued on reading in the book of Matthew and reflecting back on all the healings of Jesus we felt God press into our hearts to share today’s message.

This is part 4 of our healing with Jesus series, make sure you check out the first 3 parts too.

Why did Matthew start with this healing story – part 1 (a story that hit Michelle)

Why does God heal some and not others – part 2

You just need more faith to be healed – part 3

We hope today’s episode gives you hope and encouragement.

We say all this with love and truth…

and share big things that blew our minds that we wish we knew and understood back in our dark days with our skin and health.

Jesus didn’t follow any patterns when healing people

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We are here to help make God’s name known and we thank you for helping us make that happen.

We know healing and getting through hard times is a sensitive subject. We don’t want to make light of it but we feel when you remember Jesus’s bigger mission it helps you.

Pray for strength and comfort. Pray for wisdom to get you through the hard days.

All a personal touch with Jesus, no set formulas for healing

We just love knowing that there are no set formulas, but Jesus heals everyone differently.

God doesn’t deal with you as a massive group, but because He has great interest in YOU.

What we discuss:

  • Jesus healing 2 blind men
  • why did God heal me?
  • why am I not healed? what more can I do?
  • no cookie-cutter approach
  • no ABC with God
  • A big question Michelle struggled with
  • importance of sharing your testimony and things to be careful of
  • keep on worshipping God even if healed or not
  • what was Jesus’s priority?
  • His interest in a deeper healing
  • does Jesus care about physical healing
  • God is doing something in you, in your heart
  • the promise of the gospel we will be healed when we are with Him

The 2 videos mentioned :

If I Have Enough Faith Will God Heal Me?

Why does God heal some people but not others?

Another video to check out:

Why Doesn’t God Always Heal?

Scripture mentioned:

  • Matthew 20:1-16 and 29-34
  • Mark 1:29-39
  • Matthew 12:9-14

Rememeber to keep seeking Jesus.

Keep praying.

Just like Jesus interacted with the blind men is an invitation for us to keep asking for healing.

Keep calling out to Him.

Remember to trust God whether you healing now or not.

Jesus came to preach about eternal life…where there is no more pain and suffering.

Remember there is power in worshipping the Lord…no matter what you are facing.

He is still good and generous.

We hope this healing series has served you.

We are praying for you.

Remember God sees you and has great interest you and is still working in you.

Don’t give up on Him just because no healing.

Focus on Jesus’s mission and pray for His help. Yes ask for healing, but don’t demand it or have a story about how it must happen.

Trust and know that whatever is happening or not happening, it is all used for His glory and your good.

Rest knowing there is meaning in your suffering.


If you want to come study this Bible and work out for the Lord come check out Move Live Faithfully.

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