You just need to have more faith to heal? Or do you? Healing with Jesus part 3

by purelytwins

We are back with our 3rd video in our healing with Jesus series.

If you are new make sure you watch video 1 – Why this was the first healing story in Matthew and part 2 – Why do some heal and not others.

**Update – Part 4 is here – No set formula for healing with Jesus

We know many who follow us are dealing with some type of health or skin issues as we did for many years.

And even though we still have some issues we deal with through the grace of God we have been healed – both of us our acne, gut issues, Michelle’s eczema and Lori’s diastasis…and some emotional issues like depression.

So we hope this series brings you encouragement and remember with Jesus we have the promise of no pain or anything in the next life. Hang on to that as you seek God’s wisdom to help you here and now.

You don’t have enough faith that is why you are not healed – is that true?

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We are here to help make God’s name known and we thank you for helping us make that happen.

We pray you remember we are not to lean on our own understanding but trust in God’s plan for our lives.

He is good. He is faithful. He does love you.

Even if you are still waiting to be healed God loves you and is with you.

Jesus is never late.

We know it is hard but try not to compare your healing journey to others as it will all look different for us.

Don’t give up on God.

Healing is not a promise. Jesus didn’t heal everyone.

What we discuss:

  • Faith – is it all about your faith?
  • His healing helps you see His heart
  • Jesus healed people from all different backgrounds
  • Jesus knows our deepest need
  • God’s commitment to His people
  • who is the faithful one
  • God still loves you
  • why did Jesus heal some and not others?
  • no pain and suffering in Heaven
  • 2 healing stories – women of 12 years bleeding and daughter who died – what does this story show
  • healing is individual
  • hard times can transform you

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Keep coming to Jesus.

Come humbly. Check your motives.

Many want the healing but not a true relationship with Jesus, so ask yourself – Can I put my trust in Him whether I am healed or not? Will I still love and worship Him?

We know it is hard.

You are suffering now.

But our hope is in Jesus not in our performance.

That is how we got caught up in law of attraction like things. Where it is all about you and your faith.

But with Jesus that is not how it works.

Yes we still need to participate.

Still seek help. God has blessed us all with doctors and medicine and things.

The key is to seek God first and rely on His strength to get you through.

We pray this healing series with Jesus has served you.

Remember everyone’s healing journey will be different.

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