No energy to work out? Tips to help you get started

by purelytwins

We asked over on Instagram if you all enjoy seeing our workouts, do you want us to continue to share them and then we asked what is your struggle around exercise?

Not only do you all want us to keep sharing our workouts. You can see them for free on Instagram and if you are looking for more of a structured program and actually work out with us in full-length follow-along workout videos, check out Move Faithfully.

Tips to help you get started to work out and energy to stay with it

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Sharing mindset shifts and tips on how to help you get started with working out.

Here is what we discuss in video:

  • one thing that really is what helps us with being consistent with working out
  • sharing things to stop doing
  • going over fitness myths that are holding you back
  • the pressure that could be destroying you
  • how your feelings influence your actions
  • how to make fitness a habit
  • how having kids can help you be less obsessive with it and enjoy it more
  • importance of having a plan
  • a powerful question to ask yourself for deep transformation

Thanks again for those that replied back to our Instagram question. We are so grateful for your bravery.

We pray our tips and insights help you in some way.

Remember to keep your eyes looking up that is where true help comes from.

We are honored to be vessels for our Lord in sharing what has helped us in hopes it serves you in some way.

Remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. You are free from bondage of pressures of the world around fitness.

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Best thing to do to help you stick to your fitness routine

Our journey with idolatry and fitness

4 things we do now in our fitness routine that we wished we did years ago

Do not worry about food or your body

We love you all.

God loves you.

God bless you girls.

Thanks for being here and part of our online family. We are grateful.




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