Why does Jesus heal some and not others? Part 2

by purelytwins

Today we are discussing a loaded topic.

One that we wrestled with for a long time.

Well, still wrestle with and talk to God about.

If you google why doesn’t God heal everyone you get a ton of people talking about this.

It is a painful topic and we just don’t fully know why but…

We pray our episode today serves you on your walk with Christ and keep turning to Him.

We are continuing on with our healing with Jesus Series – this is part 2. If you missed part 1 you can click here to see it.

Should I still pray for healing? Why do some get healing and others don’t?

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Remember God is in control and can use our suffering for good.

Lean on God’s understanding not our own.

Healing with Jesus – God loves you whether you get healed or not

What we discuss:

  • God loves you whether you are healed or not
  • eternal life
  • why some heal and not others
  • sin is why you could be struggling still
  • taking matters into your hands
  • having the wrong mindset about Jesus
  • turn to Jesus and keep praying
  • healing is personal
  • will you still love God if you get healed or not?
  • what these healing stories of Jesus show
  • Bible is His story, not ours
  • Jesus didn’t heal all
  • physical and spiritual healing
  • Podcast – Your hope-filled perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengtson – episode 74 – How to maintain hope in the face of financial catastrophe 
  • The two videos mentioned in the video are:

20 Questions with Pastor Mike – by His Stripes are we healed –

Why does GOD allow PAIN AND SUFFERING? If He exists and is love?


Why does God heal some people but not others?

Why Doesn’t God Answer Some Prayers for Healing?

Does God Promise us Divine Healing?

Why Does God Not Answer My Prayers

Just because some does get healed doesn’t mean that person is better or God’s pleased with them and not you.

There is so much to healing and what is happening that we can’t see.

We are invited to trust God in ALL things.

Because He is FAITHFUL.


Keep praying.

Keep seeking His understanding.

Keep living for Jesus.

Remember the promise is for eternal life with Him where there is no pain or suffering.

That is our hope.

Whatever your facing lean on God more.

Don’t run away but run to HIM!

A lot of the healing stories in Matthew chapters 8-9 people WENT to Jesus!

It is for us today too. Go to HIM!

Remember during hard times it helps us grow!!

Healing draws us closer to God?

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