A powerful story from Matthew 15 – Canaanite woman

by purelytwins

We encouage you to open your Bibles and join us in Matthew.

Today we are focusing a story that hit Lori, just as the leper story hit Michelle.

It is a story for moms and really all women.

A big turning point…done by a woman, a mom. Plus we share some important things around prayer.

Power of prayer – A powerful story for moms – faith chat around Matthew 15: 21:28

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Power of moms praying for their children – a simple prayer to say

Here is what we discuss in video:

  • power of prayer
  • why this story Hit Lori
  • simple powerful prayer
  • Jesus and women
  • pleading for your kids in prayers
  • turning point
  • moms have a purpose
  • the important thing she finally got
  • crumbs better than nothing
  • Jesus came for all
  • feels like God is not responding

As we mentioned in the video, this video really hit Lori and we hope it helps any moms out there that might feel what they do isn’t important.

This is why we want to encourage you to open the Bible and let God speak to you.

It is God’s that does the healing and saving.

Moms, just remember there is power in your prayers.

Be persistent. Don’t give up.

Jesus cares deeply for children and women.

This story reminds us that we can come boldy and confidently to the Lord as His daughters.

Stay humble. Keep turning to Jesus even in hard times. Don’t give up on Him.

Be thankful for everything.

Keep praying. Check your motives. Check your posture.

When you need help call out – Lord, Help me.


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