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by purelytwins

We didn’t realize the end times, end of the world talk had so many different views until we studied Matthew 24. It took us on a 3 week + journey of studying some of the end time views.

We keep learning more and we stay open to all the sides, so we thought we would share all that we have previously used to study and will update it with more as we continue to learn.

So below you will first see what we used when we first studied end times. Then all the new resources we used when we studied Mark, and then at the bottom resources we haven’t read or watched yet but one day plan too.

Like we said, the first time we studied the end times was when we studied Matthew, chapters 24-25 in our Bible studies – below are the first round of resources we used to study it in 2021.

But to be honest it all becomes overwhelming with all the different names and views on it, and even within some of the views there is differences on what people believe.

Eschatology is the study of what the Bible says is going to happen in the end times. We personally feel this is an important area to study and know all the views on end times, but NOT something to fight over.

Overall everyone believes Christ will return – the how and other details are viewed differently.

We share this to remind you that no matter what you believe about the end times, we love you and respect your view. We are not claiming to know everything or that we are right. We just find this so interesting as we didn’t grow up hearing much about it, besides all we knew Christ would return.

We try our best in our studies to stick to what the Bible says and how the Jews in the 1st century would of understood it. We also try not to get stuck in way of thinking of it, but keep open to all end time views. We know many won’t agree with us and that is okay.

We do believe God wants us to understand what He said and He wants us to be ready for his return.

Also please note just because something is listed here doesn’t mean we 100% with the person or site. We simple are sharing any resource we came across. We are doing our best to get all sides of this topic and of course we continue to pray to God for wisdom and discernment.

Views of eschatology:

Dispensationalism premillennialism (main view is the rapture)


Post millennialism

Historic premillennialism

4 views of the end times

We are open to all the end times views. We don’t claim to be any of them, although some do make more sense to us that others.

Each one has things we agree with and things we aren’t sure about.

We are still learning, this will be a long journey.

So don’t think we have the answer, but just want you to think more about all sides.

Be open to hearing all sides.

We believe that Christ could return at any moment and we have been in the end times since Christ ascended over 2000 years ago.

Some things have been fulfilled and others to come. We do feel a lot has been fulfilled as way to show the truth of the Bible, that what it says is true! It is just more evidence of God.

We are living in the already but not yet.

Okay now to the resources we used last year when studying the end times for the first time through our Matthew study.

*things not mentioned below are from all the pastors we listened to while reading and studying Matthew – you can see all who we used here – as they too shared about Matthew 24 and end timesYou can see all the resources we used to study Matthew here

Post-tribulation view:

FAI STUDIOS (They also have an App which have videos that are not on their youtube that we watched as well) Dalton Thomas, here are the videos we watched (as He has other videos that we did not watch):
Understanding the Rise of the Antichrist in the Years Before the Tribulation Begins

We Will be Radiant and Ready, Not Raptured and Removed

8 Reasons Matthew 24 Was Not Fulfilled in 70AD 

4 Reasons We Don’t Believe in a Pretribulation Rapture—

4 Reasons Why “No One Knows The Day or the Hour” Doesn’t Mean 

Dalton (and we believe his team at FAI) was the only person we could find during that time that had this view. We liked his views on this better than the pre-trib views.

Pre-tribulation view:

This is the end times view that had the most pastors here in America speaking about it.

Allen Parr, the videos we watched of his:

Should Christians Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

What is the Millennial Reign of Christ 

When EXACTLY is Jesus Going to Return According to the Bible?

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ EXPLAINED!


Chuck Missler, the vidoes we watched of his:

Matthew 24 – session 17 (video)

Matthew 24 – session 18

Matthew 25 – session 19

The Rapture – Chuck Missler – Session 1

The Rapture – Chuck Missler – Session 2

We do find of all the pre-trib/rapture pastors Chuck Missler’s sermons almost had us convinced with his display of the bridegroom. We will also admit the birth pains Jesus talked about and when you look out in the world, does make us wonder.

But again every generation has thought they were in the end times. This has been a debate over the years.

Others that have a rapture view – Dispensationalism

What are THE SIGNS of the END TIMES | Bible Prophecy

Jack Hibbs – we watched a few of his videos

Thomas Ice on Matthew 24

What are your thoughts on Pre-Trib Rapture vs Mid-Trib or Post-Trib?

Also off the Blue Letter Bible app we listened to a sermon from Jon Courson – He has a rapture end of times view 

What are your thoughts on Pre-Trib Rapture vs Mid-Trib or Post-Trib?

Videos from Apologia studiosPostmillennialism:

The great tribulation – when, where and why

Coming on the clouds

Sun darkened and stars fell from heaven

End times pretenders

The great tribulation and the elect

End times according to Daniel

The abomination of desolation – did Jesus tell the truth?

Did the great tribulation happen?

Jesus and the end of the world

The great tribulation and end of the age

Who will be left behind?

The end of the world and the truth

Death and Passover

The Passover and Christ –

Judas and the kiss –

Sermon: Judas, Jesus, and God’s Sovereignty

Service: Judas, Jesus and the Sovereignty of God – Part 2

Caiaphas and injustice

Jesus, weapons and wars

Jesus, weapon and wars part 2

Come to the garden

Now for other resources around the end of the world we used in 2021:

The Second Coming of Christ | Billy Graham Classic

Phylicia Masonheimer has done some Instagram highlights talking about this, plus she has a podcast episode on the main end time views. Her podcast is called Verity.

Does the Bible Predict the End of the World? – BibleProject Podcast on Apocalypse

Matthew24:3 Christ’s Prophecy of A.D. 70

What is the Millennial Reign of Christ in Revelation 20? Amil, Premil or Postmil?

Are We Living In The End Times?

Jewish temple

The Millennium: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

The Rapture: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

Crisis in Eschatology: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

Does 1 Thessalonians 4:14017 say how Jesus is coming

At The End Of Time | Derek Prince

How to Face the Last Days Without Fear l Overcoming the end times – Derek Prince

Laying the foundation, part 8, at the end of time – Derek Prince

Explaining Jesus’ Controversial Olivet Discourse 

Problem W/ End Times, Revelation

Voddie Baucham – Revelation 20, the Millennium, and Amillennialism

Jen Wilkins video – warnings of judgment

SOME END TIMES ARTICLES we read in 2021:






Like the definition from – https://lifehopeandtruth.com/prophecy/understanding-the-book-of-daniel/abomination-of-desolation/

https://www.padfield.com/1998/matthew-24-and-jerusalem.html – shows things we fulfilled that Jesus said 



The Bible Project has a PDF of how to read Apocalyptic literature – you can see all there resources here –

A closer look at the Olivet Discourse –

Making sense of the Olivet Discourse –

Understanding the Olivet Discourse –

AGAIN please remember we share all this to learn from each other not to cause division.

We know there are a lot more books, videos and articles on this topic as you will see below, our list keeps growing.

We all agree Christ will return and make all things new.

The more we study this and read through the Bible we are starting to see the Kingdom of God is reigning now and we are called to participate.

Jesus brought the kingdom (even though he has always been king, as he is the creator of all things, he is God) and he will return and the kingdom will be made perfect.

God is renewing is creation.

*One more resource:
We came across a new pastor teaching Matthew – we watched his video after we filmed our Matthew Bible studies. We can see his approach (as others had the same conclusion) that Jesus was talking about the destruction in 70 AD and a future day as well. 

Here are this pastors sermons around this:

*** OKAY Now for the NEW resources we have looked at starting in March 22, 2022 to study more on the end times/end of the world topics

Make sure you see all the resources we used to study Mark here

Theology mom podcast – she has 4 part series on the end times – she believes the end started when Jesus came – Episodes: End of the story part 1, part 2, part 3 and handling differences about the end of the world

5 Signs That PROVE We Are Living in The Last Days and Jesus’ Return is Near!

Also with what is happing in Russia a lot of pastors are bringing up Ezekiel.

So we dug a little into Ezekiel, didn’t read everything mentioned here on it, as we will study in more when we get there.



Ezekiel 38 &39

Verses around clouds and son of man

The son of man in the clouds part 1

The son of man in the clouds part 2

A rebuilt temple in Jerusalem? A look at Ezekiel’s vision

Also read some things on Daniel:

Jesus and the Daniel code – goes over coming on the clouds, the darkening of the sun, moon and stars and the sounding of the trumpet

What are the seventy weeks of Daniel – Explains Daniel 9:24-27 (this shows it about Jesus, the article Lori mentioned in our end times video)

The Messianic Time Table according to Daniel the Prophet

Daniel and Bible prophecy – this was a lot of information, didn’t read it all but an overview

What you need to know about the book of Daniel


Daniel’s Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks

A chart of 70 weeks of Daniel

Other resources when we studied end times here in spring of 2022:

Rending to God not Ceasar – the Jewish Revolt

The great Jewish revolt of 66

Another article on the great revolt

Not one stone left upon another – mentions how bad it was and false prophets

Visions of Apocalypse – what Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe about the end times

The Witness of 70 AD

Return of Christ – How the creeds agree on the end times

The Jewish Revolts – shares some details of the years leading up to the destruction

The Roman Empire in the time of Jesus

7 year tribulation or not – very interesting

Transfiguration and Jesus’ Baptism – helps understand end times things and what Jesus did

Day if the Lord – *We have also listened to a lot of the Bible Project podcasts episodes – you can get download their APP for free. In there they have a series on the character of God with a few episodes about God’s wrath. So good and stuff we didn’t know. They also have a heaven and earth series we plan to listen too as well as the Day of the Lord series.

Heaven and earth 

The Covenants

The day of the Lord 

What is the day of the Lord 

Bible timeline – 4 major time periods

Daniel 7:13; Matthew 26:64; Mark 14:62; Revelation 1:7; Revelation 14:14

disproving pre-tribulation rapture: With Dr. Craig Keener

The Millennium: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

Mike Rogers website has ton of articles like that Adam guy (mentioned a bit further down in our additional Mark 13 resources)  – even though we don’t agree with everything we learned a lot and made us expand our thinking and understanding on this, we plan to sit with some of this more and perhaps reread it:

Parousia – presence

Paul’s perspective: present life and life to come

Paul and the rapture part 3 and part 4

1 Thessalonians

The great tribulation – a sign of the temples destruction

John Owen on the new heavens and earth

Pauls perspective: present life and life to come

The man of sin

The last days in Hebrews

Last days and the coming of the Lord in James

10 reasons Peter’s day of the Lord refers to the temple’s fall

Until the end of the age –

The new heavens and earth Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Messianic age

More end times resources:

Who were gentiles in the Bible

Has Bible prophecy already been fulfilled

Does this refer to the destruction of the temple in AD 70?

What happened to the church after Jesus died 

Matthew 24:15 study archive – makes note of past Christians views on this

Making sense of the millennium part 1 

The day of the Lord

Matthew 24-14 – shall be preached in all the world

Matthew 24 – 70 AD

Additional resources we used to study Mark 13 and abomination:

The Gospel of Mark chapter 13 with Dr Craig Keener

Mark 13 and the Return of the Shepherd: The Narrative Logic of Zechariah in Mark – a book that I skimmed, plan to look into deeper

The end of the world – Bible study Mark 13:1-37

Matthew Henry Mark 13 Commentary off the Blueletter Bible

Mark 13 Commentary by David Brown on Blueletter Bible

Mark 13:10 – gospel preached

Mark 13 Jon Courson – audio off Blueletter Bible APP

Daily Word Mark 13: 1-13 and Mark 13:14-37

How Could Jesus Not Know the Day or Hour of His Return?

MARK (13 of 16) – Chuck Missler

The abomination of desolation *

Abomination of desolation 

Of the War – Book VI –  sound of a trumpet ** #7

The coming of Christ and the destruction of the temple

What is the abomination of desolation?

Birth bang meaning

Coming on the clouds

Dr. Michael Brown Vs Dr. Gary DeMar: Has Matthew Ch. 24 Been Fully Fulfilled? EP 216

This website from Adam has a lot of information – **we have read a few and will continue to read more articles of his over time as he has a lot, but here are some

  • Partial preterism explanation
  • 70AD
  • And we have lots more marked to read from his site on revelation to more on the abomination of desolation and new heavens and earth and man of lawlessness

Eschatology Round Table Discussion – we liked this one and plan to watch it again

Signs of the Times [Matthew] – Tim Mackie – we watched this when we studied Matthew and watched it again here

The Greek and Roman background of the New Testament

More resources we used in spring/summer of 2022 :

A survey of the doctrine of the return of Christ in the Ante-nicene fathers

Church fathers

Church history – the doctrinal beliefs of the early church

Heaven & Earth: A conversation with Tim Mackie & Jay Pathak

Blessing and Curse – Bible Project – we also watched a lot of their books of the Bible overview videos like Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah

A God of Love A World of Suffering “Job” Tim Mackie

Old rituals new realities

The Error of Dispensationalism – 119 Ministries

The seventy weeks of Daniel

A rebuilt temple in Jerusalem?

The Jewish Temples: the first temple – Solomon’s temple

Ancient Jewish History: the great revolt  *mentions jews killing jews

Sites and places in Jerusalem: the Temple Mount * very interesting about the Temple Mount

The Abomination that Causes Desolation

The Abomination Of Desolation 

Sam Storms on the Dispensational, Pre-Tribulational, Premillennial End Times View

Evening Message: Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism – didn’t realize these two views existed, so very interesting

Day of the Lord

Responding to William Lane Craig criticism // Ask NT Wright Anything – about Jesus return

Revelation is about hope, not the end

The Siege of Jerusalem (70AD) – The Great Jewish Revolt – Documentary – watched just some of the beginning, one day will finish it

Historical Evidence that Jesus was LITERALLY SEEN in the Clouds in the First Century

Acts 2:19-20: A Preterist Commentary-The Blood Moon Prophecy

The Coming of Christ in A.D. 70–Like You’ve Never Heard it Before!

The temple

Podcast episodes on Remnant podcast – The abomination of desolation with Ken Fish – very interesting and – End times controversy with Dean Davis; also plan to listen to the episode when heaven invades earth lessons from the church fathers

Book – Covenant and God’s purpose for the world by Thomas R. Schreiner – *I am still reading this one

Podcast episode on Unashamed with Phil and Jase Roberston – episode 455 

Podcast episode on The Gary Demar Podcast  – pretty much all his episodes 

Podcast episodes on After Class – episode 4.26 – Israel in the New Testament and episode 4.24 – A brief history of Modern Israel. They have a lot of other episodes we plan to listen like, the wrath of God

Podcast episode on The Denison Forum Podcast – episode 17 – How to think biblically about Israel 

Podcast episode on Let’s read the Bible – episode 60 Day of the Lord

Podcast- Bema with Marty Solomon – the first 13 episodes of season 3 (we planned to probably listen to all of his past episodes and new ones)

Downloaded all the episodes from the podcast called, Rapture Drill – so far have listened to the first 5, do plan to listen to the rest of the episodes over time

The guy behind Rapture Drill has another podcast called Theology curator with Kurt Willems – downloaded a lot of the episodes, he has done a lot on Paul and end times topics – have listened to a few episodes so far, again plant to listen to more over time

Jesus coming for his people

Apocalyptic literature

The Parousia: Getting our Terms Right

June 2022 – Here are some new resources we came across after we filmed our Mark 13 Bible study workout and our end times chat video: (so please again remember there is a lot on this topic and we are being raw with our journey of understanding it, there is still a lot for us to study on it and understand)

MARK 13 – Bible Study with Notes

Eschatology 101

The Last Days –

Sam Allberry | Mark 13:28-37

Mark 13:22 – Scripture Twisting 101

Russia vs. Ukraine – End Times Prophecy Update, Trump & More – with Al Fadi & Joel Richardson

Is the Rapture Biblical:

Is The Rapture Real?

Where Did Rapture Theology Come From? Ben Witherington III

Is the Rapture Doctrine Biblical?

Dismantling Dispensationalism

The Rapture

37. Context  – interesting and goes over some of Revelation

NT Wright has this very peculiar view that the son of man returned in AD 70 with the destruction of Jerusalem 

N.T. Wright: The book of Revelation & what we get wrong – good – God coming to earth 

N. T. Wright on the Second Coming of Christ

End times probably not what you think

Orthodox Christianity – the second coming

Understanding the parousia

What is the meaning of Israel in the Bible

The Orthodox End of the World

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry  – they have a podcast called Pod for Israel

This is the new resource Michelle mentioned in the video that helped us see the Jewish festivals and Jesus.

We have listened/watched:

  • Pentecost -The Harvest of the Feast of Weeks
  • Is Jesus the Messiah with Dr. Craig Keener
  • Prophecy uncovered! Yum Kippur – Judgement day
  • The appointed time of the King’s return in the mystery of the Feast of Trumpets
  • The appointed times of the Messiah’s return found in ancient Jewish festivals
  • And we have many more saved to listened too – we really enjoy their content, we are learning a lot

NEW things we have either watched, listened to or read in 2023

Future Living with Dr. Gerry Breshears 

Replacement Theology? Steve Gregg Responds 


Bruce Gore – context of the fall of Jerusalem

What is the meaning of Israel in the Bible

We don’t need a third temple for the end times

How will we know when Jesus is coming back? | N.T. Wright 

What is meant by “666” and “antichrist”?

The End of the World Pt. 1: The Coming of Christ 

Dispensationalism Is Not A Christian Theology

Why the rapture in the Bible isn’t what you think

This View of The END TIMES Will Blow Your MIND

Rapture or No Rapture with Dr Michael Heiser

Dispensationalism: Wrongly dividing the word – what does scripture say

NEW things we have either watched, listened to or read in 2024

The danger and errors of “Replacement Theology” 

Is the Rapture Going to Happen?

What Does the Bible Teach about the Rapture?

BELOW ARE ARTICLES/VIDEOS/PODCASTS we plan to check out, just haven’t yet.

We are using this blog posts as our notes you can say, where we are keeping track of all the resources we used to study this topic.

Different Christian Views of Revelation Explained

Four Views of the End Times Explained

Where Are We in Biblical Prophecy, Pt 4 – Israel in the End Times – Derek Prince

Where Are We In Biblical Prophecy Pt 5 – Will The Antichrist Arise In Europe? – Derek Prince

Laying the Foundation, Part 8, At The End Of Time – Derek Prince

Literal or Figurative?: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

This Generation: The Last Days According to Jesus with R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul: The End & Purpose of the World

N.T. Wright on the Rapture

N. T. Wright on the Future of the World

Amillennialism with Dr. Sam Storms (Sam Storms has more sermons on his website more on end times we plan to look into as we downloaded a lot of his podcast, Exploring Word and Spirit)

The end time, the antichrist, and the rapture. Eschatology with Sam Storms

Postmillenialism: With Pastor Doug Wilson

Jonathan Cahn: God’s Hand on Israel Relates to the End Times

Is the Rapture Doctrine Biblical? (Ben Witherington)

Middle East- History of Israel

End times prophecy and why there is so much disagreement

Jesus’ Strange Prediction Part 1

The events of the 70AD – world history


Evil’s Last Days: What is the “Post-Tribulation” End Times Theory?

Evil’s Last Days: What is the “Pre-Tribulation” End Times Theory?

Evil’s Last Days: What is the “Mid-Tribulation” End Times Theory?

Book of Revelation & Eschatology: Rethinking Pretribulational Rapture Theology

How Does the Book of Revelation Relate to Us Today?

Left Behind? (A Conversation on Eschatology) | Theocast

2014 Fall Bible Conference With Dr. Bruce Ware – Doctrine of Last Things

Postmillennialism | Rejecting Dispensationalism | with Gary DeMar

The End Times and the Culture War | Doug Wilson and Gary DeMar

Progressive Covenantalism | Stephen Wellum | CFC

The backbone to the Bible’s storyline – Stephen Wellum

On covenants, kingdoms and flourishing with Craig Blaising and Stephen Wellum – there is a video of this Q and A here too

The middle ground between dispensationalism and covenant theology

What’s new about the revised edition of Kingdom through Covenant

Understanding amillennialism with Kim Riddlebarger (Kim Riddlebarger has more sermons and articles on end times we plan to one day look at)

Podcast episode on Remnant Podcast -Post Trib- Pre-wrath eschatology with Alan Kurschner

Podcast episode on Think Biblically Podcast -Why eschatology matters with Mark Saucy

Podcast episode one Cold Case Christianity Podcast – What is the essential truth about end times

Podcast episode on Reasonable Faith Podcast – End times paralysis

Podcast episode on Stand to Reason Podcast – Questions about the rapture

Interviews with a group of pastors discussing end times views:

Premillennial vs Amillennial on Christ’s return – Daniel Goepfrich & Chris Date

An Evening of Eschatology – Premillennialism, Amillennialism, Postmillennialism -*we started this one but didn’t finish yet

Eschatology Matters – What You Believe About the Future Determines How You Will Work in the present.

The millennial maze – a panel of the millennium

“End Times Made Simple”: Amillennialism w/ Dr. Sam Waldron

 Q & A with Craig Blasing & Stephen Wellum | PhD

More resources we haven’t looked into yet:

Jesus and the “End Times”

Joe Rosenburg – He has a lot of videos and articles – believe has a rapture view

Dr. David Regan –Dr. David Reagan: The Rapture: Fact or Fiction? and Jack Hibbs Interviews Dr. David Reagan on His Prophetic Manifesto – has a rapture view

Eschatology – has a few articles

What is the mark of the beast Revelation 13

Eschatology – another source with a few articles including the different millennial views

Jesus and the six objectives of Daniel 9:24

Last things

Satan bound

Progressive Dispensationalism | Craig Blasing 

Is The Rapture In Our Future?

The Doctrine of End Times

We now live in the new heavens and new earth – we have read some articles off this site but still a lot to look at

Daniels 70

Revelation and the beast

Who is the man of lawlessness

What is the coming of the son of man

The events of 70AD and consequences for the world history

End times fiction with Gary Demar

The Rapture And Postmillennialism Explained | with Jeff Durbin

As in the days of Noah – Chuck Missler

Do Presbyterians Believe in the Rapture? Sermon on 1 Thess. 4:16-18

He Comes as a Thief in the Night!

The Reformed View: The Antichrist

The Reformed View: Covenant Theology

Jesus, Josephus, and the fall of Jerusalem: on doing history with Scripture

What is ‘the sign of the Son of man in heaven’ (Mt 24:30)?

What Is The Antichrist Spirit

Daniel 9: with David Wilcoxson

Responding to Brian Zahnd’s View of God’s Wrath

God’s wrath today: With Darren Hibbs

Eschatology: Study of the end times

Practical Eschatology: With Casey Doss

Pre tribulation rapture with Jimmy Evans

The Promise of the land to Israel

The theological context of premillennialism

The fall of Jerusalem – a story of Roman revenge

Reveling in wrath

Past present and future

Final judgment – eternal life and wrath

Eschatology and prophecy playlists of 4 videos

Last days – 3 videos

Messianic Judaism 101 – Replacement theology

NEW things we came across in 2023 – haven’t watched yet:

Understanding Revelation with Dr. Gerry Breshears

Do Jewish Wedding Rituals Prove a Pretribulational Rapture? 

Genesis of Dispensational Theology

N. T. Wright and Mark Kinzer: A Debate on the Meaning of Israel

N.T. Wright – History, Eschatology and New Creation

N. T. Wright on the Future of the World

The End Times – Orthodox Vs Evangelical Protestant Teachings – Presentation 1

Anti Christ – perspective from church fathers

The Rapture: An Invention of Man

Again, we are open to all the end times views – feel we are to learn from one another, not trying to prove your wrong and were right. We feel this is an area that has had different views since the early church.

We do have strong views toward some views more than others.

We would say that every day that passes we are closer to Jesus returning.

We don’t want to label us or try to fit into one of these views.

We believe some has been fulfilled and some things are to come.

Well that is what we have so far on studying end times – Bible prophecy – Eschatology

See more Bible study resources here

See our individual Bible study and resources here

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Thanks for the support and being on this journey with us.

May God bless you.

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