(vlog) Life over here with bible study and homeschool

by purelytwins

Come spend the day with us!

We wanted to share what life is like over here with our shift in faith, business and lives!

Update, we no longer have an online business, but share our workouts for FREE here.

Spend the day with us | Bible study | Homeschool | Fitness and more

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Like we said in our testimony back to Jesus we are not sure where our content will be going.

For now, it will be us sharing our new faith journey and what we are learning from reading the Bible again.

VLOG - A day in the life with us where we show our new routine infused with Jesus! Bible study + fitness + homeschool and more!

We are not here to push our faith on you.

We are simply going to be sharing our faith journey.

We still welcome everyone here, as we know not everyone will have the same faith as we do.

We will probably have a lot of different views on things.

But we can still be kind to one another.

We hope by us sharing about our faith inspires you to deepen your own faith.

Looking for the plantain waffle in video, click here to make plantain waffles.

Click here for the recipe for the no-bake chocolate cookie biscotti 

This turn might seem like a radical shift to some, but God has been leading us this way for some time we were just scared.

Talking about Jesus isn’t easy.

Saying you are Christian isn’t easy.

God has a different journey for us all and we are not sure where our journey will lead.

But our trust is in Him.

L and M

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