Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Resources

by purelytwins

As you know I chose Classical Conversations for our homeschool curriculum.

This is not only our first year homeschooling, but our first time using CC.

So far we are loving it.

I have two videos, one sharing how we do the memory work and the other all the additional resources we use alongside the main CC.

How I use Classical Conversations memory work in my homeschool day

I am sharing my daily flow for our homeschooling days.

I use CC as our main spine for what we do and have a few things I add on to it like math, reading and handwriting.

My kids really enjoy CC too.

So they helps too. They are so eager to do the work.

And we all love the community day.

The additional resources I use to go along with Classical Conversations | Cycle 2

These are all the additional resources that I bought to go along with cycle 2 of CC.

I am loving them all and I pray it blesses you.


September and Co…

Driven my grace…

Five Girl Schoolhouse

Arrows and applesauce math cards…

Drive by Grace Foundation Bible…

Emily the extra science picture cards

Animals in time volume from Amazon Coloring sheets –…

Drawing science for CC for cycle 2 ( I forgot to show this but we love it)…

Make sure you check out my other homeschool posts here.

Thanks for the support.

Let me know if you use CC or have thought about it.

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