Swearing, revenge, loving your enemy – more thoughts from Matthew chapter 5

by purelytwins

We are continuing our Bible study thoughts from Matthew chapter 5.

If you missed the first half click here and then come back to this post.

We dive deeper into Jesus’s teachings on swearing and vows and loving your enemy and much more.

Swearing in the Bible might not be what you think, thoughts on loving your enemy, love, & defending yourself

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Again like we chatted about in our previous one about can you just imagine living a world…

where you could trust everyone

no one was out to get anyone but loved one another (not feeling love but more of an attitude)

where peace love and justice was for all no matter what you looked like

We hope by us opening up about these tough conversations helps more talk about them.

Because change starts with us.

We dive deeper into Jesus's teachings on vows and loving your enemy and much more. Swearing in the Bible might not be what you think, thoughts on healthy relationships, loving others, & defending yourself. More Bible study on Matthew chapter 5. #biblestudy #christianwomen

What we discuss:

  • watered down gospel
  • you can defend yourself
  • swearing in the Bible
  • taking God’s name in vain
  • healthy lovign relationships
  • trust
  • getting what you want
  • love your enemy
  • see others as God does
  • your answers in the Bible
  • violence and disagreements

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It is so important for each of us to read the Bible and form a relationship with Him.

We hope hearing our stories gives you encouragement and inspiration start reading the Bible and begin your relationship with the Lord.

We share this because we love you and deeply care about your life, here and eternal.


our testimony back to Jesus from law of attraction,

What we learned about the law of attraction & being Christians (what you need to know)

4 words that really HIT us hard – this changed everything

Why we are reading the Bible 

We don’t feel qualified 

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L and M

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