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Our mission is to inspire women to be the best versions of themselves and form a healthier positive mind-body relationship to manifest their dream body and life.

We help women eat, move, think and speak to themselves with more love. We are here to help women stop obsessing about their bodies by rediscovering their worth so that they can live up to their true potential.

We want you to be your happiest and healthiest self and so we’ll be here providing both inspiring content and powerful online services that will help you get there the in a fun way with ease! You might feel completely overwhelmed when you first visit our site, but below we hope to break it down so you find the areas you need help with now.

You’ll see a quick overview of our story and then we share our top blog posts. 

Welcome to the Purely Twins tribe of #fitsoulbosses

We are Lori and Michelle. Personal trainers, Michelle is a sports nutritionist, Lori is prenatal and postpartum fitness specialists. We are Spiritual Lifestyle Coaches who focus on real foods, holistic living, daily movement, positive mind, taking care of your soul and mind to create vibrant YOU.

Above all, we are a guide to you to build self-love, transform your body/health, reach their highest goals and live their absolute best life.

We want you to know that you are not broken. You are enough.

You deserve to be happy and healthy and doing what you love to do in a body you love.

If you believe in yourself and do the work anything is possible.

As we grow and learn we adapt and change and share it with you! We hope you stick around as we would love to learn and grow with you.

We are very honest with our struggles here on the blog hoping it helps someone else not to give up! We want to show you what’s possible for you to achieve as well.

Some common phrases you’ll see a lot: 

  • Be happy and fit in all parts of life.
  • Be purely you.
  • Workout less to live more.
  • #fitsoulbosses – be the fit soul boss of your life to create your dream life

What do they all mean? 

Be happy and fit in all parts of life means we share everything that helps you be your best, confident and stronger self! Not just physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially fit too.

Through our journey, we realized every part of your life affects your health and overall happiness, especially your MIND. It’s important to find your balance healthy lifestyle, and we are here to help you find that.

Be purely you mean just that be purely you. Be proud of yourself and let your soul shine through. The more you BE you the happier and better your life will be. There is no one like you so love you! We want to inspire you to love yourself unconditionally.

Workout less to live more means to workout smarter not harder and have your workouts gives you the energy to live your life.

We used to be cardio junkies, gym rats…pretty much girls who lived at the gym. We thought we had to look a certain way in order to be loved, accepted and successful. This long battle of overexercising, restricting and binge eating lead us to have horrible digestion, skin problems (acne and eczema), hormone imbalances (missing periods and PCOS), depression and no self-confidence.

Through our darkest moments, we learned to love ourselves and changed our mindset! Our lives slowly started to change the more we let go of the old stories and beliefs that were holding us back making us feel not good enough and created new ones that supported who we wanted to be.

So we now workout 30 minutes or less and have MORE TIME to do other things !! We no longer spend hours obsessing over exercise or food. We want the same for you.

Read more about us and what we do here


We did a 30 day healing the gut journey through the month of January documenting our journey. You can watch why we wanted to do it here.

We shared our plan of attack to fix our skin and health issues.

You can see our thoughts about doing the 30 days cleanse. And then see our full blown detail of how we did it.

If you are brand new to healing or not sure where to start check out our start-up suggestions.

Read about some other hot topics that we like to talk about  bloated stomachs and talking about poop.

5 supplements to take for overall good health

Answering your gut questions

Check out our resource page to see the brands we like.

Acne and Eczema issues

See how oil cleansing method to get rid of our acne and click here to see an new updated version of us cleaning our faces.

See our thoughts on vitex and estroblock here.

Why diet alone didn’t heal us

Tips to get clearer skin

Eczema journey

Two year eczema free update


Big reason to why your body still isn’t changing 

5 killer home workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle

18 No jumping bodyweight workouts

20 home workouts to help you burn fat in under 30 minutes a day

Best way to work out to get lasting results

Still love your body despite how much exercise you do

Our fitness story – how we used to exercise and what we do now

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Tips for staying healthy and active during pregnancy

How to prepare for labor

How I worked out different during my second pregnancy to prevent large ab separation

Postpartum recovery and fitness plan after baby #2

How to do belly breaths during pregnancy to keep a strong core

One month postpartum update after baby2 

Top Recipes

Plantain bread – what started it all for us

Plantain flourless brownies

How we use plantains to create yummy recipes

Single serving chocolate cake

Quick pumpkin pie fudge

11 ingredient oreo cake

Protein thin mints

Sugar free marshmallows

4 ingredient cookies that take 10 minutes to make


Our soul sister chat interviews

4 powerful lessons from 2016

what is self love

How we changed the way we workout to make us fitter and happier

Our biggest confession- orthorexia

9 tips to help end binge eating

Would you really love yourself more if you weighed less

How to overcome feeling not enough

More of us?

Check out our weekly sparks where we show highlights of our life from the week

Our Products and Services

While the content on our blog and youtube is all free, we do offer a few products and services to work with us deeper. Make sure to check out our Shop page to see how we can help you more on your journey.

We all deserve to be happy…and we want to help you live a life you LOVE….learn to love your body and stay PURELY YOU!

If you want to pursue a sustainable balanced life of fitness, health, happiness and enjoy an optimal level of health, you’re in the right place. We are here for you and together we will pursue and achieve a balanced life of fitness, health and happiness. 

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