Meet the Twins

All you need in life is the 3 C’s.

Coffee. Coconut. Chocolate. In that order ;)

What are your 3 things you need in life?

We are here to inspire you to live the life of yours dreams in the body of yours dreams where you feel amazing and contagiously happy.

How to become totally fabulously you.


Be inspired. Be positive. Be fit. Be fabulously you in all parts of  life.


When we wake up in the morning the very first thought is COFFEE!!!

After that it’s time to HIIT it on the floor (no no it’s not what you are thinking. HIIT is high intensity interval training).

Followed by a good poo (yep we said poo!).

We love and adore our purely fit sisters (when you are here you’re family!). Please get cozy and make yourself at home.

Our clients are our VIP sisters. More than anything else, we care about helping them become more fabulously themselves radiating with love and living life with abundance.

In our world positive affirmations are an absolute necessity!!

Dessert is always a fabulous idea…like everyday!

Eating straight out of the tahini or coconut butter jars is the norm.

Fantasizing about being on The Walking Dead is totally reasonable.

Spending all of your money at Whole Foods Market is totally acceptable.

But at the end of the day family is all that really matters.

We want people to say– “because of you I didn’t give up”.

family going out to brunch for the first time with 7 month old baby ||

Lori shared her first pregnancy journey,  post partum and life with diastasis recti, and life with Madison.

Now for a more serious note.

Purely Twins is a place where we share our journey of learning and healing to inspire others to improve their lives.

A place dedicated to:

How I am healing my eczema. Sharing before an after pics. Purelytwins

Michelle sharing her journey with eczema.

We hope you enjoy it here in PT land where you can feel comfortable to be yourself. As we are always honest, real, true, laid back, and  loving girls.

Our passion is to help others feel fabulously fit in their bodies, which is why we created our fitness and wellness program  – Purely Fit Life. Where we get to train with some of the most beautiful, inspiring ladies worldwide everyday!!

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We are Lori and Michelle founders of Purely Fit Life Club, a fitness and wellness daily online program created to fit the lifestyle of busy professionals, moms, students, and everyone in between. We own and run Purely Twins blog, a trusted source for all things health, recipes, fitness, and happiness.

We are two sisters that are striving to life a happy, healthy life through a natural diet and lifestyle.

We are 31-year-old twin sisters, bloggers, FitFluential Ambassadors, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, authors, recipe developers, personal trainers, YouTubers, and health gurus.

We are passionate about making a difference in others lives. Empowering others to follow their dreams. Helping them reach their health and fitness goals. Inspiring them to be happy, passionate, and fit in all parts of life!

We love to help others find what works for them. #bepurelyyou!  We are all different and unique.

Join the twins for daily motivation, inspiration, healthy recipes, workouts, and learn to be purely you!

Find out our food philosophy and our fitness philosophy.

As you can tell, we like to do  a lot of  different things and keep ourselves busy! When we are not around the computers or iphones, which is an increasingly rare occurrence, we like to read, shop, workout, and make yummy things in the kitchen. And we would never turn down a good bloody mary or wine.

We love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us with any questions at twins at purelytwins dot com 

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