how to make a quick healthy pumpkin pie fudge

I have been roasting pumpkins up a lot lately,  along with all the other yummy winter squashes! Man do I love this time of year.  Never get bored with winter squashes as there is always a different one to enjoy.

Semi-raw gluten-free dairy-free pumpkin pie fudge recipe

I just know that you will fall in love with.

The main ingredient is fresh roasted pumpkin.  Don’t worry if you do not have roasted pumpkin you can use canned. Wait, Michelle and I  just thought of an idea…really any pureed squash or even sweet potato would work (which we already done before with our sweet potato butter), though have to remember it would not have the same taste. When using pumpkin it will taste like eating pumpkin pie!

How to make a quick and healthy pumpkin pie fudge!

Literally when Gary took a bite out of the fudge he said, “I feel like I am eating pumpkin pie.”

Mission accomplished!

Because friends this really does taste like pumpkin pie minus the crust of course.

Click here to see how to make sugar-free pumpkin pie fudge

I am so proud of this recipe. All the flavors and spices come together so nicely. Not overly sweet and has a smooth, creamy texture to it.

The other highlight of this recipe is coconut butter. Oh how you can’t go wrong with this stuff! 

Remember our easy pumpkin butter; it was inspiration for this fudge  recipe since we adored it so much. Michelle and I knew we had to make something else with it.

Now, again if you do not have coconut butter (click to see how we make coconut butter) you can use coconut oil. But… the coconut butter just provides the right soft, smooth, not too hard creamy texture that I was looking for in the fudge. It would be worth it too splurge on some coconut butter, you deserve it ;)

This pumpkin pie  fudge taste similar to our pumpkin pie mousse that we fell in love with last year.

Might have to have a pumpkin pie taste competition to  see which recipe is the best.  Not sure how we would pick as we seriously adore them both and dream about them. 

Ok do we have you wanting to make a quick and healthy pumpkin pie fudge yet?

Hope so! Promise this recipe will become a favorite. It is going to be a recipe we will make over and over again! And it is made from just 3 main ingredients plus spices! Now how many pumpkin pies or fudge can you say about that?

This fudge is so easy to make and melts in your mouth!

A pumpkin pie explosion going off in your mouth! 

Gather all your ingredients  and place in your Vita-mix or high powered blender. Blend till nice and creamy.

Pour into a 6 inch cake circle pan. If you do not have a spring foam pan to pour fudge into than we recommend putting down wax paper into what ever shape pan you use. The wax paper will just make it easier to remove from pan once it sets in freezer or fridge.

Hardest part is not eating all the filling while pouring it into pan. Trust me, this was a lot of  self-control.  Not afraid to say licking the blender was a highlight of my day. 

Gluten-free vegan dairy-free paleo pumpkin pie fudge that is made from coconut butter and pumpkin!

Let the pumpkin pie fudge set in freezer or refrigerator for a few hours before slicing and enjoying!

Or again you could just eat the batter as a fudge pudding ;)

Healthy pumpkin pie fudge (gluten-free, vegan, paleo)

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 6 inch pie

Healthy pumpkin pie fudge (gluten-free, vegan, paleo)

Quick healthy pumpkin pie fudge that is made from simple ingredients like pumpkin and coconut butter. Fudge that is made from only 3 ingredients. Gluten-free, raw, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo friendly and super easy to make! The whole family will love this pumpkin fudge!


  • 1 cup -8oz pumpkin puree ( I used fresh pumpkin, but canned pumpkin would be fine too)
  • 1/2 cup coconut butter that has been soften (could use oil, just might have a slighly different texture)
  • 3-4 tablespoons maple syrup (or agave nectar, or coconut nectar)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon cloves


  1. Place all ingredients into a vita-mix. For the coconut butter, soft it first before measuring out 1/2 cup.
  2. Blend till smooth and creamy. This works best of all ingredients are at room temperature.
  3. Pour into a 6 inch cake pan.
  4. Set in freezer or fridge for 3-5 hours, or till firm to touch.
  5. Remove and slice into your desired slices.
  6. If you have any leftovers, store in refrigerator for 5-6 days.


Check out this video of Michelle making this super simple pumpkin fudge.

And see how to make homemade coconut butter and chocolate covered pumpkin fudge pieces!

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Check out another great way to enjoy this easy fudge – our raw cookie dough pumpkin pie fudge bites.

How to make sugar-free pumpkin pie fudge.

Who wants some pumpkin pie fudge?

Made our pumpkin pie fudge again here with canned pumpkin and coconut nectar as sweetener and still came out soft and creamy. If you want a harder fudge (we wanted a soft melt in your mouth kind of fudge), please add 1-2 tbsp more coconut butter.

And just a few other favorite pumpkin pie recipes of ours:

mini pumpkin carob mousse cakes

Layered apple pumpkin pie

unbaked mini chocolate pumpkin pie

mmm, cannot wait to make all of these again this season!


  1. says

    This looks awesome! Ha ha. I just e-mailed Heather my guest post recipe for the plant power challenge which was also pumpkin fudge. Looks like we’re on the same wave length;)
    I like how yours is in pie shape. Cute!
    Lisa recently posted..Happenings and a WorkoutMy Profile

  2. Tamikko says

    I have spent the entire day going through 2 large cans of pumpkin, making pumpkin muffins and your pumpkin fudge. The only problem is I can’t eat it. It’s frozen solid. I’m going to have some after dinner when it’s thawed a bit. But I did have some out of my blendtec jar, and I may have licked the spatula and stuck my fingers in there, and licked them too.
    SO YUMMY!!! My new pumpkin infatuation! Thanks girls for being my enabler :)

    • purelytwins says

      Michelle is does get a little soft the longer it sits at room temperature. If use coconut butter it will not melt as fast as coconut oil.

  3. says

    I made the Pumpkin Pie Fudge recipe this evening & I CAN NOT wait to taste it! The fudge is in the fridge now. It almost didn’t make it ~ once I tasted the “batter” (ok, ok, I went nuts licking off the spatula!) I was hard pressed not to grab a spoon & eat it out of the blender cup! YUMMY!!!

    I really love your blog! I always feel so inspired & motivated when I visit! :)

  4. says

    Made this yummy fudge. In Australia it’s not pumpkin season but all this talk of pumpkin from my American bloggers had me dreaming of pumpkin so I got one and made this. So yummy. It did not seem to make as much as yours did in the video but so good.

    Straight from the freezer it just tastes like a slice of pumpkin ice cream. How does it hold when kept in the fridge? It melts quite fast out of the freezer so I am keeping it in there. Thanks for sharing this. I also have some mixture I put aside to make one serve of a yummy pumpkin pie smoothie.

  5. says

    I tried making this with coconut oil because none of my local grocery stores sell coconut butter. It turned out very gritty. =( I couldn’t blend the ingredients “smooth and creamy”. Ordering coconut butter online and trying this again!

  6. Kelley Owens says

    This looked so good but I substituted and it was not a good one- Spectrum Shortening (Palm oil) for Coconut butter. It was more like a bland pumpkin popsicle. I made it for a pot-luck and was glad my daughter left it on the kitchen counter. The family tried it and we voted to throw it out. I guess the coconut butter really adds some better flavor and consistency. I will try again but wanted to let your readers know not to try palm oil.

  7. nicole says

    I made this tonight following the recipe exactly but mine doesn’t look like yours. Hmmm. Your fudge is so light is color and mine is dark orange and tastes like pumpkin pie without the crust.

  8. says

    Sorry to bother again, but I made these with the coconut butter this time and they turned out MUCH better. However, I’m having trouble with this batch “melting” in the fridge. They get soft and gooey when I store them in the fridge, but they get too hard if stored in the freezer. Can you offer any advice? Thanks!
    Sarah recently posted..Cute illustration of fruit health benefits!My Profile

  9. Louisa says

    This sounds great , however I’m in the UK & we don’t have such a great range of pumpkins or squash here. When you say pumpkin would that be the classic Halloween type ? We have plenty of butternut squash but not a lot else…what else could I use ?

    Thank you

    • purelytwins says

      Louisa yes we mean the basic class Halloween fresh or canned pumpkin puree. You could use butternut squash and just puree it up to use in the recipe.

    • purelytwins says

      cacao butter is your best option, we have made it with a nut butter before but it was really delicate and did not hold the shape the best.

  10. Laura says

    I am going to try this and will report back with the results! I was wondering about making an apple pie version butter or apple sauce for the pureed pumpkin and less agave since apple butter is already sweet?

  11. Rachelle says

    Hey girls! I live in Spain, and there is really no access to coconut/cocoa butter or oil here.. What should I sub with? Olive oil? I´d really prefer not to use butter.


    • purelytwins says

      well olive oil does not get hard so it will not work in the fudge, if you can get coconut oil or coconut butter, and can’t make coconut butter yourself from using coconut flakes, the only option is cacao butter (what is used in making chocolates).

  12. Bri says

    Hello there, im a Hungarian girl who following you every week, i made The fudge today its amazing(like ur other recipes.) i cut them in squares and dip some into melted wasabi flavoured dark chocolate
    Thank you for the recipe!

  13. raylene says

    I made these last night, and wh I ever they were very quick to make and taste good, I wouldn’t really call it Fudge! It’s more like frozen pumpkin pie filling. If u take it out of the freezer it turns back into mush again. I was hoping for something I could eat without chipping a tooth on, I’ll have to try and adjust it somehow. Thanks Anyway!

  14. Rachel says

    Hi Lori & Michelle. Thank you for this recipe. I just thought I’d comment with another way to use it. Instead of putting in the fridge to solidify, you can use as a “mush” and put it in smoothies or as a pumpkin butter on baked goods. I put some in my yogurt this morning and it was DELICIOUS!

  15. Carolyn Walden says

    Hey ladies…isn’t there a version that is sugar free and mixed in a bowl….a quick “lazy” way? I feel like I used it last year but now can’t find it. Thank you!


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