the best oil cleansing mixture for washing our faces to stay acne free

The best oil cleansing mix to wash face to keep acne free.
acne free face wash using essential oils oli cleansing mix

Big smiles for parsnip bread :) We are thrilled to see so many of you liking our two low-carb bread recipes.  Don’t worry we still adore our plantain bread recipe but it’s nice to have variety, right?

And speaking of variety, you know we are big fans of self experimentation. We always say –> Keep playing around with things until you find what works for your body as we are all different.

Back in March of this year we shared an updated video and post on our acne face routine –> we shared how we wash our faces. We still like that routine and those products, but we wanted to see if we could get more improvements. We have been playing around with oils cleansing since January of 2013. Here Lori shares her first thoughts on oil cleansing. Both of us are so grateful for coming across using oils to help clear our acne. And then we shared how we changed our oil blend as we continued to find what routine worked for us. 

Well, we experimented some more….

And in today’s purely talk we are SO excited as we are sharing a new oil cleansing method that has really improved our skin. We made this oil blend back in May, so about 3 months ago. We waited to make sure it worked before sharing it with you. Both of us are excited to share what has helped us with our skin. We cannot guarantee your skin will like it, but we really do think it could help improve it.

The best oil cleansing face wash combination to keep face acne free.

We love washing our faces with oils. Don’t worry you won’t break out when using oils on your face. Promise!

We have oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin and using oils works WONDERS for our skin.

Both of us have been cystic acne free for months and months! It’s a miracle in a way because several years ago we never would have thought we would have our acne free skin again. Nope. There were days we weren’t sure if our acne would every go away or just STOP.

purely twins new face care routine no makeup update

But it has!

Using this new oil cleansing mixture, along with the combination of a good real foods (mostly) and a few good quality supplements, helped our acne go away. Plus control our stress and manage our hormones…there are a lot of factors that cause acne. 

Now if we experience a pimple it is usually just one or few very small pimples. We can totally handle those now.

We hope this new blend of oils that we love mixed with the combination of some powerful essential doTerra oils will help you with your acne or skin issues.

It has changed our faces and skin for the better! And we ONLY want the same for you!!!

We feel the essential oils we added to our new oil blend helped our skin even more. And our skin has continued to look  good weeks and months later. We are jumping with joy over here.

clear skin DIY oil cleansing mix

The 3 oils that we used in this oil cleansing mix are some of our favorites. Oils that we have learned our skin LOVES! Hopefully yours will too!

  • jojoba oil
  • rosehip oil
  • tamaru oil

We buy our oils from Mountain Rose Herbs because we love their quality. We find their products to be some of the best. We’ve never been disappointed with their products.  Remember your face soaks in everything you put on it so make sure to use high quality and safe ingredients.

Benefits of these oils and why we use them:

Jojoba oil – it has absorption properties that are similar to our skins own sebum. It tricks your pores into thinking they are already saturated with oil and therefore that they do not need to overproduce. It is made of long straight chains of wax molecules instead of triglycerides (fatty acids) like normal vegetable oils so it won’t go rancid.

Rosehip oil – has healing and anti-microbial properties. High levels of vitamins C and A. Relatively non-greasy as it soaks into the skin easily. Its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties can minimise the growth of bacteria so as to avoid different types of breakout. It has been used for generations because of it’s healing properties.

Tamanu oil – works by promoting the formation of new tissues. Contains anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties. This oil really is a miracle oil. It is thick yet absorbs easily into the skin. Rich in fatty acids. Helps reduce the appearance of scars.

The 3 doTerra essential oils that we used:

Sandalwood, Geranium, Frankincense

There are other great essential oils for skin too!

Acne-free oil cleansing blend for face wash

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes

Yield: this bottle will last months

Acne-free oil cleansing blend for face wash

A great acne prone skin oil cleansing mix to keep skin clear. Good for sensitive and oil skin. Made with jojoba rosehip and tamanu oils mixed with doterra essential oils.


    Lori's blend
  • 50 % rosehip oil
  • 25% jojoba oil
  • 25 % tamanu oil
  • 15 drops geranium essential oil
  • 15 drops frankincense essential oil
  • Michelle's blend
  • 50% jojoba oil
  • 25% rosehip oil
  • 25% tamanu oil
  • 15 drops geranium essential oil
  • 15 drops frankincense essential oil


    How to make oil blend
  1. Pour oils into 8 oz glass bottle
  2. Carefully drop essential oils into bottles.
  3. Gently shake together.
  4. How to wash face
  5. Cleanse face with witch hazel using a cotton swap.
  6. Place about 1-2 teaspoons oil blend into hand.
  7. Place one bump of doterra foam wash (optional).
  8. Massage oil into skin for a few minutes.
  9. Rinse with water.
  10. Pat dry.

bottles for oil mixture

This is why we use Mountain Rose Herbs and doTerra essential oils because of their high standards for high quality products. Believe us it makes a HUGE difference.

We wouldn’t be telling you guys a bunch of crap. Because we 100% know how it feels to have acne or skin issues. We know how important quality and finding the right products are for skin health.

Check out our video sharing our new favorite way to wash our face to help control our acne!

We hope this video helps you in some way.

Maybe you will try something new. Maybe give doTerra essential oils a try, if you do want to try them let us know! Shoot us an email :)

What oils do you like to wash your face with?

Do you do the oil cleansing method to wash your face? If so, how has it helped your skin?

What essential oils have helped your skin or health?


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  1. becca says

    Love this post! Thanks girls. You are truly starting to radiate positivity and health :)

    Just one thing I’m confused about. Is there an oil you use called Jobola? I use Jojoba (and love it!!!)…and it is pronounced Ho-Ho-Buh

  2. says

    I use jojoba, rosehip seed oil and tamanu oil in my oil cleansing blend too! I’ll have to try adding these essential oils though. Lately I’ve been adding a few drops of tea tree oil which I like but I’m always up for experimentation :)
    Kiersten recently posted..Easy Pico de Gallo & GuacamoleMy Profile

    • says

      Kiersten so happy to hear that you use the same oils and enjoyed great success too :) yay! this makes us so happy. And yes try the essential oils you will love them! Tea tree is great too!

  3. Sylwia says

    hey girls, thanks for the great post and video. I just recently started using EO as well. Still playing with them, but seeing already some results :) I add a drop of Frank oil to my moisturizer in the mornings and just massage is all over my face. I’m ordered my Geranium oil and I will make a face wash with it too. I may use Dr Bronner’s unscented mild castile soap instead of the oils. I will see. I also made face toner with witch hazel and Purify EO, so far liking it. Thanks for sharing your great results with us.

    • says

      Awesome Sylwia!! Br Bronners is great!! We started with that before we made our own. We still use it from to time. You will love geranium we put in out face in the morning with moisturizer!!

  4. Mimi says

    Thanks for the info on the face wash! I wash a couple of mornings a week with coconut oil or coconut oil and sugar. I am curious, can you tell me what you mix your glutamine with? I am purchasing the powder and wondering how you like it.

  5. Michelle says

    So happy for you ladies!!! I KNOW how excited I would be if my face was almost perfect;D Well, following a paleo-sih diet (really a purelytwins “diet”) and natural skin cleansing have definitely helped my skin and hormones as well, now it’s just trying to control stress with a stressful job and a final year of college! haha:) Anyway, so thrilled for you guys, best wishes and continued success!!

    • says

      Michelle :) HUGS!! Good luck with stress and school. Michelle’s acne was the worst her last year in college, but you are on the right track. You are way ahead of us when we were going through it. Let us know if you ever need anything.

  6. Brooke says

    Thanks for sharing your oil recipe! I am in love with frankincense (there’s a reason it was one of the three gifts from the Magi at Baby Jesus’ birth) and geranium and sandalwood are amazing too. I would have never thought to blend them together though and then the rosehip and tamanu probably just take it over the top!

    Keep up the great work ladies! I love coming to your blog. It feels like a chat with some of my closest girlfriends. I don’t have have too many people around me that are into real, whole foods, exercise, essential oils, herbs, and natural living so thanks so much for all you do :-)

  7. Amber says

    So….you cleanse with witch hazel, wash with foaming wash plus oils, then what do you use for moisturizer?? I’m a little confused with your regimen:/ but, really want to give it a try. Right now I use coconut oil…I have super sensitive skin. Thanks in advance

    • says

      Amber you are right – we use witch hazel first to get our makeup off, next we wash with oil blend with one pump of foaming wash. Rinse. For moisturizer we have used eminence rose one and loved it and Nerium. But lately we are trying to use just a little more oils afterwards for our moisturizer – like coconut oil, jojoba.

      • Amber says

        Super! So do you mix some jojoba and coconut oil together for moisturizer? Is there an oil you add to the moisturizer mixture?
        I’m excited to try this and think it will be great for my twin daughters, 12,who both have eczema:)

        • says

          Amber no we don’t mix the two oils for our moisturizer. Lori likes coconut oil and Michelle likes jojoba for moisturizer. Sorry to hear your twin daughters have eczema, Michelle has it too. We are trying to heal it!

  8. Jessica says

    Hi girls! Thank you so much for posting all of this information. I’ve been struggling with some moderate/severe acne on and off for years now and ever since I came off birth control pills in November nothing seems to be working. I tried oil cleansing with just hemp oil and it did nothing. I also tried using a blend of rose hip, castor and jojoba briefly a few months ago with no success. I’m going to try Lord’s combination and cross my fingers that it at least helps. I’m a firm believer that acne needs to be healed from the inside and I’ve been following a paleo diet for 4 months now with no change in my skin. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the supplements that you are using for acne? Thank you so much!

  9. Heidi says

    I struggle too with adult acne. I have done gluten free dairy free diets but had no relief. I use coconut oil and jojoba oils but still have acne. My skin is very dry. I think I read you have oily skin? Would this same combo work for dry skin? I desperately need healing from some scarring and dryness.
    Thank you

  10. CassiePherson says

    Hiya! I want to make this awesome face wash, but was curious – with the percentages that you included, i’m having a hard time telling technically how much that makes! I don’t want it to be too intense or anything, and want it to last as long as possible. Do you know what size jars you used or how many ounces you would suggest in your mixtures? Thanks!

  11. flowerchild says

    Are you guys part Syrian? Just wondering. Perhaps your skin is similar to mine being very oily and such. Thanks for the post!

  12. sara says

    Hello! I made this mixture and have been using it since Dec 29/14 and I’m starting to get little bumps on my skin… They are skin color and you can’t really see them, you can just feel them. I have got some breakouts but nothing to bad. Should I still stick with it for a little longer you think?

    • says

      We still get a few breakouts, very small ones here and there. we feel it is from stress and/or lack of water on our part some days. if overall your face seems happy with it, keep using it. if you keep getting more and more breakouts, maybe try different oil combo or essential oils.

  13. Jamie says

    Is removing makeup necessary before using the oil cleansing method? I’m guessing no since I use jojoba to remove my make up. What about removing eye makeup, the essential oils won’t get into eyes?

  14. Ashlee says

    I’m going to try and make this today :) just received my shipment from mountain rose. Do you think Hawaiian sandalwood and regular sandalwood are interchangeable?? Also thinking of adding melaleuca:)

  15. Ashlee says

    the video that goes with the recipe doesn’t come up on my phone. I’ll check the computer.
    thanks for your help!!
    I’ve been taking doterras phytoestrogen hoping it compares to estroblock. Do you think they do the same thing? My hormones are all out of wack.. I thought the phytoestrogen was helping for a few months, I’ve been taking it since november and my skin cleared up but I’ve started breaking out again. (I’ve lost a lot of weight recently and everything is out of wack!) :(

  16. Ashlee says

    Perfect. Thank you!!
    the Phytoestrogen is supposed to balance hormones just like estroblock. Same price too except you get your points of course. :)
    I’m so glad I found your page! Thanks again.

  17. nikki says

    the formula you said you use is a mixture of the oils 50% 25% and 25%… what does that break down to? if I were to make this for my sister. like one cup is equivalent to 50% and half cup for the 25%?

  18. Carlie says

    What size glass bottles are you using? I have 4 oz-ers but those look like maybe 8oz?? I’m just trying to figure out the correct ‘recipe’ and amount of essential oils to use. Thanks!

  19. Mary says

    This looks great – I cannot wait to try it out! So in the morning you just rinse your face with water.. what about a moisturizer? Are you using the coconut/jojoba in the morning and at night?

    • says

      In the morning we just rinse with water, we don’t always use a morning moisturizer as we feel using the oils at night with some more oil for moisturizer before bed is enough. But if we use a moisturizer in the morning we use either jojoba (michelle uses) and argan (lori uses).

  20. Kristen says

    What other cleansing base would you recommend? If I dont have access to your recommendation do I need to find an alternative or can I just use the oil blend to cleanse on its own?

  21. Mimi says

    Ordering some oils from mountain website just letting you girls know how Domingo about? So you girls get your %.

  22. donna says

    I was wondering, when you say:

    50 % rosehip oil
    25% jojoba oil
    25 % tamanu oil
    15 drops geranium essential oil
    15 drops frankincense essential oil

    how do you determine what 50% is? 50 % of what?

    sorry. but I don’t understand.

  23. Tamara says

    Hello, I just started this last night and ran into a couple questions:
    1. Do you ever use a toner after washing? Or does the witch hazel at the beginning of the routine take the place of that?
    2. Do you feel pure aloe would be a sufficient moisturizer?

  24. Laura says

    I couldn’t really gather from the post or comments the answer for this question: what is the main difference in the two recipes? That is, why is one preferred over another? Was it just trial-and-error and what each of you preferred more? I’m leaning toward trying Michelle’s blend since it using more jojoba oil, but thought I would check if there’s something more that I may not be considering.


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