As we get closer to the new year it is important to look back and reflect on everything we have achieved and learned. This is important because so many of us feel like we didn’t do enough, but this helps you see ALL that you did get done!

2016 has been a huge year for us, filled with many personal challenges, opportunities for growth and amazing and exciting moments that we will cherish forever! We hope you’ve had an amazing 2016 too!

Blog posts of 2016 covered.

Now we sharing 4 of the biggest life lessons we learned from 2016

4 powerful life lessons 2106 taught us

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What was something you learned from 2016?

4 powerful life lessons that can make huge positive shifts in your life. This year was filled with many personal challenges, opportunities for growth and amazing and exciting moments. We hope you had a great 2016 too and ready to start 2017 feeling your best with us. Make sure you let us know what was something you learned this past year?

Thank you again for being here and part of our movement. 
Thank you for going on a crazy wild self-love journey with us, and seeing what is possible inside of a Sisterhood. #ptsisters

Say no to resolutions. The way you showed up for your life the past year was necessary for your growth. Now is a time to reflect. To learn. To create an intention, a positive call to shift, a spark of magic + manifestation rooted in self-love and backed with action.

2017 is your year! Join along with us to have the best year yet. 

You deserve to treat your body right.  #theFIITParty is a 21-day consistency workout party to celebrate all of YOU. To become stronger from the inside out. All the workouts inside will take you less than 30 minutes leaving your empowered and stronger inside and out.

Say goodbye to the overcrowded gym this January and do this bodyweight workout party with us. Besides losing some fat and gaining more strength over the 21 days you’ll see a change in your mood, increase in your energy, more clarity and focus, less anxiety and more comfortable in your body and around food.

Let’s kickoff the year healthy and confident #ptsisters



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2 thoughts on “4 powerful life lessons from 2016

  1. Lovely post ladies! You two are amazing and continue to inspire me each and everyday! xo

    Posted on January 10, 2017 at 9:27 pm
    1. Thank you Stacie. Love ya too!

      Posted on January 10, 2017 at 11:19 pm