Welcome to the podcast

by purelytwins

Well, it is here!

We have launched our podcast.

Please enjoy it.

UPDATE – Since we launched we have changed the name.

Click here to listen to episode 1

What this podcast is about and some quick overview of our story.

We hope our stories and insights inspired you that you can have the body and life you want, but it starts with loving yourself. Lori is a mom and will share more on that too as well as we will chat about God and manifesting in episodes to come. We are super excited about this new adventure with you and appreciate your support. Trust in the timing of your life.

Our first podcast episode going more into our story. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast and if you enjoyed it please leave a review.

Make sure you subscribe, leave us a review and share it!

We appreciate the love and support.

We love you so much.

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