Diastasis Recti 3 year update + how alignment is so important for flatter tummy

by purelytwins

Hi, it’s Lori here. I wanted to give you a 3-year Diastasis Recti update and overall how I am doing lately with my core.

Plus I share in today’s video simple lifestyle tips you can start doing to help improve your core and diastasis recti, even if you are small framed like me.

One simple thing to help make your stomach look flatter quickly.

How your alignment can help flatten your tummy and heal your diastasis recti

Please share this video with your moms or moms-to-be who would benefit from this video.

My journey was my journey.

I hope I inspire you to never give up.

Your body can get better and better over time.

Stay consistent. Stay committed to taking care of YOU.

Make time to PRAY.

Pray to God to give you strength and self-control to keep going.

Healing can happen to you.

You are important.

God cares about you.

Be the ROLE MODEL for your kids.

Do these simple tips I mention in the video and overtime you will see results.

Diastasis Recti 3 year update and tips for keeping your core strong and flat each year after having kids. How one simple thing can make your stomach flatter quickly! See more here

Things to remember from this video

    • Remember your journey is your journey
    • Don’t compare yourself to others on social media
    • All ABS look different on each human and in different lighting
    • Watch how you are sitting in a chair
    • When standing hips back and ribs down
    • Love yourself
    • Appreciate yourself and what your body has done for you
    • Taking care of yourself is a great step in becoming your truest highest self and to be a role model for your kids

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Pray to God for direction and guidance.

Ask God for strength to keep going.

Sending you love and healing!

May God bless you.



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