7 things that I wished I had known about my body before getting pregnant to help with postpartum belly (diastasis)

by purelytwins

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is a concern for so many women.  And getting the body back postpartum is another hot topic with so much conflicting information out there that’s why I share my personal journey on what I am doing, got myself educated and created my programs to help makes things a little more easy to follow and understand what to focus on.

I feel the most important question to having a healthy pregnancy and easier postpartum journey with less chance of getting an ab separation is learning to take off your CORE and entire body NOW.  Like right now.

7 Things That I Wished I Had Known About My Body Before Getting Pregnant To Help With Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation)

The things I am sharing today you can start doing today to start making positive changes. Fantastic, right?!  I really wish someone told me about these things so I would have started taking doing things differently with my body before I even got pregnant for the first time a few years ago.

From suffering from diastasis after my pregnancies, I am so passionate about helping out as many girls and women I know around staying fit and healthy during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond so they might be able to avoid or lessen their chance. It really comes down to taking care of CORE now.

If you are even thinking of wanting to have babies please start doing these tips I mention here today.

7 things that I Wished i had known about my body before getting pregnant to help with diastasis recti (ab separation)

Please share this video with your mom and mom-to-be friends.

I suffered from ab separation also known as diastasis recti after my first pregnancy and was able to get it less than 2 fingers width before getting pregnant with baby #2.

During my second pregnancy I worked out differently and had a new postpartum recovery plan that helped keep my diastasis to only at belly button after baby #2.

Which was great news for me.

7 Things That I Wished I Had Known About My Body Before Getting Pregnant To Help With Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation) Postpartum.

7 tips to start working on now:

  • Focus on your alignment
  • Use diaphragm breathing
  • Learn how to activate pelvic floor correctly. Educate yourself more on pelvic floor.
  • Practice squatting with good form and practicing hinge exercise to strengthen butt to help with core.
  • Strengthen your transverse abdominals (tva)
  • Look at your rib mobility. Do your ribs flare or not?
  • Create a self-care practice now.

THANK you so much for all the support and love you.


Lori (and Michelle)


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