{raw} key lime cheesecake with protein graham cracker crust


healthy dairy free cheesecake recipe purelytwins

Thank you for all the sweet comments and tips about me not wanting or needing a changing table for the nursery. Looks like just about everyone of you did not use a changing table. Most of you recommended a dresser though some used a bed and/or floor. Which is great because it makes me feel better about my decision. So thank you. I was not planning on getting a dresser at the moment because the bedroom has two closets in there one for hanging and one for folded items. But I know I need storage for diapers (as I am thinking of doing cloth diapers) and other things, so I will have to think about getting something for storage.

We both had a great day yesterday. Michelle is on her day 9 of her special cleanse for her eczema. I am so proud of her. It has not been an easy road for her but she supported me during my darkest days of going through acne so I am here for her. Cheering her on. I know she can do this and praying that it helps her. It is never fun seeing your loved ones suffer.

One way to brighten up the day is having a delicious (and healthy) dessert.

Raw dairy-free coconut key lime cream cake with a protein graham cracker crust.

Well it’s a raw cheesecake but you know we like to refer to them as cream cakes!

vegan gluten free raw key lime cream cake purelytwins

This recipe is actually a remake of our raw key lime cheesecake that we made a few years ago.

key lime cheesecakes purelytwins

We felt it needed a facelift ;)  Well the pictures not the recipe!

raw vegan key lime cheese cake recipe purelytwins

So when we looked up the cream cake recipe we realized the pictures need to be updated. And we know you guys wouldn’t mind seeing these cute little guys again.

Here we are today sharing a family favorite recipe with one little twist.

In our original recipe we made an almond meal and date crust. But we knew we could do better.

What goes better with key lime than graham crackers?

Have you ever enjoyed this combo? We will admit that we used to enjoy a key lime martini with a graham cracker lined cup back in the day when we were huge martini girls.

Mini raw vegan key lime cakes are suitable for kids, parents, best friends, and grandparents!

dairy free raw vegan healthy key lime cheese cakes purelytwins

We used our favorite recipe for Never too old for s’mores cookbook – protein graham cracker to use as the crust.


key lime cheesecake with protein graham cracker gluten free crust purelytwins

Perfect balance of flavor. Rich smooth texture.

Simply irresistible.

Now the classic key lime cheesecake has been upgraded :)

raw key lime cheesecake with protein graham cracker crust

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 9 inch cheesecake or 13-14 mini cheesecakes

raw key lime cheesecake with protein graham cracker crust

Rich creamy unbaked key lime cheesecake. A dessert filled with healthy fats like coconut oil to burn fat! Perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day. Easy to make and taste amazing.


    Cheesecake filling
  • 2 1/3 cup macadamia nuts or cashews, or a combo of the two nuts ( we did a combo of the two)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup or coconut nectar (could use honey if you like)
  • 1/3 cup fresh lime juice
  • about 2-3 tablespoons lime zest (about 6-8 limes)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Crust
  • one recipe of our protein graham cracker cookie recipe
  • or you could follow this one
  • 1 cup almond meal
  • 1 tablespoon mesquite flour (can omit, we did for a little more flavor)
  • 3-4 medjool dates (or 1-3 tablespoons maple syrup)


  1. First make graham cracker cookies if you are using that as the crust and follow directions mentioned in our cookbook. You don't have to bake them as there is no eggs in the crust. We just blended up the ingredients in our food processor and pressed into our mini cheesecake pan.
  2. If using the other recipe for the crust -- begin by placing almond meal, mesquite flour, and dates into a food processor. And pulse until combined.
  3. Take crust mixture and spoon into your mini cheesecake pans (or one large pie pan) and press into the pan. Set aside.
  4. Next make the cheesecake filling.
  5. We recommend soaking the cashews or macadamia nuts before blending and giving them a nice rinse.
  6. Place nuts, maple syrup, lime juice, lime zest and water into blender.
  7. Blend for a little bit.
  8. Then add in your coconut oil and continue to blend until everything is well blended and the batter is nice and smooth. adjust lime taste to your liking. add more or less zest.
  9. Spoon lime cream filling on top of crust in mini cheesecake pans.
  10. If you want more of a lime flavor, top each one with a little lime zest.
  11. Then place in freezer or refrigerator and let set for a few hours.
  12. Remove from freezer and pop out the mini cream cakes (as we like to call them) and keep in refrigerator until ready to enjoy at room temperature.
  13. Recommend freezing leftover slices for longer shelf life.



Anyone else a key lime fan?

What about cheesecake? Do you like? What’s your favorite flavor?

To be honest we weren’t huge cheesecake fans but when we discovered raw cheesecakes we were sold! They are sooo good. 

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  1. says

    I have been looking for a recipe like this ever since I ate a delicious (yet deadly) lemon meringue pie! I’ve been craving lemony goodness ever since.. and I sure love cream/cheese cakes :) Will you maybe also be recreating lemon meringue?
    Can’t wait to try this :)

  2. kitkat says

    Yum, I love all cheesecake but turtle caramel i can’t resist! I might put chocolate sauce on this recipe because i’m like that :)

  3. jori says

    Can you please give me the recipe for the protein graham cracker crust? (the one that you link to) Thank you,I would much appreciate it.

  4. Teresa says

    I just made 2 small raw cashew cheesecake that are similar to yours, they had strawberry and blueberry topping and it was FANTASTIC! I soaked my nuts as well. I LOVE the idea of mini portions! Where do you get mini cheesecake pans? Thank you!!

    • says

      it’s a diet recommended by her doctor, pretty similar to our gut healing protocol that we shared here on the blog before – she just took a few more things out.

  5. Carolyn Walden says

    Any nut free options for this one for the filling? Thinking of doing the crust out of the teddy grahams and then a key lime tart, but would prefer to do nut free if possible. Thoughts?


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