My PCOS supplement superfoods and 5 foods to avoid

Hey friends,

Thanks again for sticking around for my PCOS journey tips. I hope they are helping you in some way.

Continuing on with more tips today it’s all about supplements that I think have really helped and foods that I avoid.

Through all my PCOS, hormone imbalance issues, and acne research there is so much out there that can help you in your healing. And for me these are what helped me the most. The things that I feel are worth it.

PCOS – balancing hormones supplement superfoods and 5 foods to avoid to help heal the body.

I say these are my PCOS supplement superfoods and foods I avoid at the time because  they seem to work for me. Remember they may or may not work for you. Only you really know YOUR body. You know it the best! Remember it sends you signals all day. And for me – my BIG signal that hormones are still not balanced (YET) is my face still having break outs. And my period almost normal again, but still not quite every month yet. Getting close.

Again most skin issues start in the GUT. So I am still doing my best to heal my gut and digestion to help my hormones get back to balance. The whole body needs to be working together to be happy all around :)

pcos superfoods and foods to avoid tips

Hormones are complicated. Life is complicated. And knowing what supplements or what to eat to help can be complicated. Believe me I know! Over this whole year I have been really playing around with things in my life and diet, and finding new supplements that I feel really work. Supplements that I feel are truly worth the money.  Supplements that I have been taking for months and probably will continue to take for a few more.

First is supplement superfoods for PCOS focus balancing hormones and in the long run helped my hormonal acne:

  • Fermented cod liver oil —> if you can’t afford it then take regular cod liver oil; for me personally I take 2 tsp a day. I have taken flax oil a few years ago and Udo’s oil blend before but never got the results that I have seen with fermented cod liver oil. Great source for my Vitamin D, which supports hormone function. Provides the building blocks for hormone function.
  • Coconut oil –> higher dosage for healing purposes like 4-5 tbsp a day. The caprylic acid and lauric acid  in coconut oil plays a key roles in protecting the digestive tract, help with inflammation and the gut.
  • Magnesium –> through a variety of ways from magnesium oil, pills, and drinking Calm; I try to get 600-900mg a day. Helps with hundreds of things with the body from helping the gut and sleep which all effect hormones.
  • L-glutamine —> I take the powder form of it, I take about 20g a day. This helps continue to heal my gut, so once my gut is healed my hormones should be too.
  • Niacin spray (topical) —> I feel it has really helped with my inflammation and acne on face. I tried to take niacin pills but could not always remember so I tried a topical spray and my skin really seems to like it.
  • ** Vitex and Estroblock are more newer supplements but I feel have helped the most with controlling acne and getting my period

Other things that I feel have helped that aren’t supplement related but have over time really helped my hormones:

  • Eating whole foods.  Avoid processed and packaged foods as best as I can.
  • Avoid irritating foods (see my avoid lists below).
  • Get better sleep. I make it a priority.
  • Exercise. A mix of high intensity and low. No long cardio.
  • Reduce stress. Something I do daily!!
  • Stop snacking and eat MEALS.
  • Stop being so restrictive on eating. A hard thing to do as I try to still avoid foods that may cause stress or inflammation to my body but I try to do it in a way that I don’t feel restrictive.
  • Eat high quality foods – grass-fed, local, organic as much as I can.
  • Good amount of protein 70-100g a day. (Stephanie recommends 50-100g in her book).
  • Eat liver a few times a week.
  • Eat a lot of healthy fats.

Now onto the foods that I personal avoid. Again I did my research and felt these are the items I really wanted to do my best to avoid to see if it would help. And I feel it has. Every body is different, but if you are struggling with PCOS, hormone issues or acne and you haven’t tried avoiding these yet, I recommend to give it a try. See if you notice anything.

5 Foods to avoid to help with PCOS, balancing hormones and acne:

  • Soy – is a phytoestrogen (a fake estrogen), contains estrogen like properties which leads to hormone confusion; and it is usually highly processed (at least most things found here in the US, if you want to eat soy just make sure it comes from a good source)
  • Flax- (flax seeds and flax oil) – also contains phytoestrogens (still a debate if good or bad), but I avoid it.
  • Gluten (and wheat) – affects nutrient absorption and can be very hard to digest; really I just feel better without it
  • Too much sugar – really too much of anything can be bad, but we all know that excess sugar is bad for overall health
  • Bad fats – the trans fats which cause inflammation and Omega-6 oils  (really the only oils/fats I use are coconut oil and occasional ghee)

That is my current list of supplement superfoods, things that have helped me, and foods that I avoid.

I am not perfect. But I have seen great improvement in my body over the past several months from starting to realize my gut needed help and continuing to find what foods work for my body. It has taken a LONG time, but I never gave up. I continued to try new things and research until I started to really see results. Realize that YOU can heal. It will take a long time, but it will be worth it in the end!

I will be back next week with more on PCOS and exercise (and weight-loss help). Thanks again for letting me share my journey and tips with you. Questions let me know.

Twins question: Any supplement that you consider to be your superfood? A supplement that you feel is worth the money?


be passionate and fit,




  1. JessicaR says

    Thank you for this post! :) I have a question about your glutamine supplementation. I see that you take 20g now, but on your leaky gut plan it says 6g. How long have you been taking the increased amount and do you feel like that has increased your progress? I don’t have PCOS, but I do have moderate acne which would be extremely severe if I didn’t take certain vitamins and avoid most foods. I have an insane amount of food allergies/intolerances due to leaky gut and would love to be able to have a slightly wider food variety some day!

  2. says

    Thanks for the great tips Lori. I find the amount of coconut oil you use really interesting! I think I will try upping my intake and see if it helps with some acne flare-ups. Thanks again, you rock!
    Kirsten recently posted..The Blue FeatherMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi ladies,

    Which brand of probiotics do you use? I’ve been searching for a therapeutic grade probiotic. My leaky gut / dysbiosis is pretty bad, and in need of something to change. Let me know!

    • purelytwins says

      taking more vitamin d should be fine, not sure if you still need fish oil in addition to the fermented cod liver oil, that might be too much. but you can check with your doctor.

      • Megan says

        Do you girls enjoy cod liver oil more than fish oil? Ill stop taking fish oil for a while and start taking the cod liver oil

  4. Michelle says

    Hey Girls,

    I use Grapefruit seed extract and it has worked wonders for my acne. I add a couple drops to my face wash and so far it has been great : )

  5. says

    Hi Ladies,

    You mention no long cardio. I have PCOS and find 30-40mins runs relaxing and destressing. Why did ling cardio no work for you?



    • says

      long cardio did not work for me in terms of what I wanted for my fitness goals (I wanted more muscle mass) and long chronic cardio that I was doing for years really messed up my hormones, plus other things. But really long cardio was not good for me and keeping my hormones balance which lead to skin issues and other things. it works for some, but for me, it did not.

  6. says

    Hey girls! Loved this post. I have leaky gut and i’m working on balancing hormones, too, so this is really interesting. I totally think healing the gut is the way to go! My question is, I know this post was written in october of last year. Can you tell me if anything has changed since, or if you still take these?

  7. Maya says

    Hey there!

    Happy to found this interesting web page! It includes a big part of what i am interested in (preventing PCOS, fitness, food, gut…).
    I was wondering about super foods which could help with PCOS… I am taking Maca and hoping it will help. What do you think?

    Stay sweet!

  8. nico says

    Do you eat any other types of grains/carbs? Do you do a bit of everything, carbs/protein/fat and limit caloric intake?

    I had succcess regainign my period during the times I would limit the amount I ate ( 2 meals a day + a fruit for breakfast or night salad)….I felt better having my period but not body getting chubbier and my skin not always the best…, but everytime I would loose weight I lost my period, and skin got worse.

    Is there any middle ground, or will Ihave to just accept that I am supposed to be chubby naturally?

    Also do you eat fruits at all since they are sugar? I always notice when eating more fruit my skin looks so much clearer ( apart from the millions of rough tiny bumps all over my face which I feel I have no cure for). Do you recommend any skincare regime also?

    I am 21 and have had acne since 12 years old…always those little bumps all over my face…no one in my family understands sicne they have smooth skin+ jsut a few cysts that they cleared up on accutane , and now have perfect skin..and have normal periods…mine have been gone at times for 3 years- no joke.

    • says

      I personally don’t really eat too many grains – my body and skin does better with no grains. I am not perfect but in general I just don’t eat much. I do eat carbs – the carbs I mostly eat are plantains, fruit, white rice, sweet potatoes, or potatoes. I do not limit caloric intake. I keep my calories on the higher side for my body type, I don’t believe in low calorie diets. It sounds like you are not eating enough. In order for our bodies and hormones to work properly us ladies need to focus on being at a healthy weight and eating enough! I know for some PCOS people they are sensitive to carbs as others do better with carbs. If you don’t want to be chubby but want period and good skin that can happen without “being chubby” you need to focus on strength training and building muscle and get away from excess cardio! Your body and skin will love that change, promise mine did. I do eat some fruit not much. I limit my intake, but really I don’t really crave much fruit so it is easy for me not to eat a lot of them. So if you are skin likes fruit, then keep it in your diet :) I don’t know too much of your history, but if you have been on and off with losing weight/gaining weight/dieting/ etc your hormones are trying to find balance. I recommend changing up your workouts, eat a diet mostly real foods (with some fun in there, 80/20 rule) and focus on balancing out your hormones. And for a skin care routine yes – here is my routine and it has helped my skin so much!
      purelytwins recently posted..Diet alone didn’t heal us and the missing link to why you are not getting betterMy Profile

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