Bbq scallops with raw cauliflower rice. Low carb dinner for two.

Looking for a quick and light dinner for these hot summer months?  This low carb bbq scallop dish is served with raw cauliflower rice and brussel sprouts. It’s made in 10 minutes.

BBQ scallops with raw cauliflower rice with shredded brussel sprouts drizzled with tahini. A simple real food low carb dinner that serves 2 that is made in 10 minutes. |

We have another quick and healthy dinner recipe for using Sizzlefish scallops.

We love scallops.  They are quick to cook up and a great source of protein and omegas.  Scallops have been a long time favorite of ours. Our dad does an amazing job grilling them, but we think he would approve of this recipe too.

Bbq scallops with cauliflower rice for two

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