weekly sparks

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our purely twins community.


Highlights from our week: 




Twins + baby selfie.

Ready to start our kettlebell challenge.


Pumpkin coconut cookies. The best!


Filmed a 10 minute bikini leg workout for Adidas!!! So honored to work with them.


Plantain waffles and tahini for dinner one night.

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What we ate & day 1 KB challenge

Yesterday was a great day! We started our day with some positive thoughts, coffee, worked out, ate breakfast, showered, played with Madison, did work, ate more…repeat until bed. In today’s vlog we show you what we ate yesterday, which was day 1 for our kettlebell challenge. Did you enjoy our video? What did you enjoy…

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Delicious chocolate crunchy no bake cinnamon toast crunch bars made in under 2 minutes. #glutenfree #grainfree #vegan @purelytwins

no bake chocolate cinnamon toast crunch marshmallow bars

Gluten-free grain-free dairy-free no-bake chocolate cinnamon toast crunch marshmallow bars that are made from 3 ingredients and made in under 2 minutes. We had an wonderful relaxing weekend with our best friend and her little girl on the coast of NC. The weather was not the best, but that was okay we played inside with the little…

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We are visiting our best friend for the weekend and Madison gets to play with her bestie. Started with some gymnastics at the little gym. So cute!! Don’t they look like?


Supplements to help eczema – my current routine

Hey beautiful! Are you ready to talk supplements with me? Great. I am continuing my eczema tips with sharing my current supplement routine. I hope my story and tips are able to help you or someone you know that suffers from it. The supplements I take to help heal my eczema Products I mentioned in video:

creating online business with being pluggedIN. Sharing how to make money from ads on your blog and why we have ads on our blog || purelytwins.com #bloggingtips #makingmoneyonline #onlinebusiness

How to make money from having ads on your blog

Have you’ve ever wondered how to make money from blogging? We did too. Over the years we have learned that there are MULTIPLE ways to make money from blogging.  Today we are focusing on having ads on your site to help monetize it. We will discuss other revenue sources in another post. The big question: to have ads or not…

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