Purely Lori

by purelytwins

Hello beautiful!

I am Lori. And I am so thankful that you are here.

About me:

I am a twin.

I am a wife.

I am a mom of two girls. The best job in the world ūüôā

We just moved to South Florida and bought a house.

I own a vizsla, named Jax. A great dog.


I live for coffee and chocolate. And a good glass of wine.

I am a co-author of 4 gluten-free allergy friendly ebooks.

I would love to have a margarita with Jennifer Aniston.

I am obsessed with the Bourne trilogy and the Walking Dead tv show.

new mom maternity photo

Check out my pregnancy journey with my first and second child.

You can read about Madison’s birth story and updates here.

You can ready about Lyla’s birth story here.

I have shared¬† my postpartum journey — getting my body back after baby and dealing with diastasis recti (ab gap).

My fitness programs:

I created a 9-month pregnancy program to help moms stay fit and healthy during pregnancy while protecting their core.

I have a 4-month postpartum fitness program to help you close your diastasis recti and workout safely to gain your strength back after having kids.

I have shared my gut healing journey to help heal my health issues.

I shared my journey of healing adult acne. I shared all my ups and downs with my battle to get clear skin.

Learn more about my journey to heal acne and help get rid of the scars. 

I also have PCOS, so I deal with a lot of hormonal related issues.

My views of food and what is healthy have changed over the years.

You can learn my current way of eating in our powerful Eat Like the Twins Workshop 

I love all things manifesting, law of attraction, money mindset … really any personal development stuff I just love.

I love my crystals and my journal time.

I am a NASM personal trainer.

I love starting my day with my doTerra oil routine, daily meditation and saying positive affirmations!

I also love good beauty products and fell in love with BeautyCounter. Learn more here.

Check out my morning and night face care routine here that I have been using for years to keep my skin acne free.

I love helping others to follow their passions and reach their dreams through my online coaching services!


I married the man of my dreams. I feel so blessed for my life and my family, especially now with Madison and Lyla.

Learn more about PURELYTWINS and how we can help you.



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